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I. Read and translate the text using a dictionaryif necessary.

II. Find in the text the English equivalents of the following:

что касается, план исследования, получить данные, наблюде­ния участника эксперимента͵ опрос, ненавязчивый, причинно-следственные отношения, проводить эксперимент, искусственно созданная ситуация, подвергаться чему-либо, ясно установить, исследователь (2), испытывать неприязнь к, наблюдатель, испы­тывать неудобства, с другой стороны, исказить, щекотливый воп­рос, относительно чего-либо (2), сохранять беспристрастность, тесные связи, участвовать в опросах, анкета͵ высокий процент, отклонить личную просьбу, ряд приемов в исследовании, нетрадиционный пример, взаимно исключающие, оценка (2), респон­дент, участник, объект (предмет) наблюдения, честность, дос­тоинство, конфиденциальность, сотрудничество, ни при каких условиях, нейтральность оценки, этическое обязательство, про­тиворечить чему-либо, обнародовать информацию.

III. Supplythe missing words or word combinations choosing among those given below.

1) An... of sociological research is the decision ... how data should be collected. 2) Sociologists use different techniques ... for their research. 3) When sociologists wish to study a possible ... they may conduct experiments. 4) An experiment allows the researcher ... to confirm ... to refute the hypothesis under study. 5) In conducting participant observation the investigator may... several problems. 6) If the researcher acts as ..., the members of the group may .... 7) If the researcher ... his identity and purpose, he is being somewhat.... 8) The observer cannot allow the close associations that... develop to influence the conclusion of the study. 9) Almost all of us have responded to ... . 10) Since the questions are written, there is some .... 11) Sociologists from Arizona studied people's spending and eating habits by examining ... . 12) Two or more research methods used together may be .... 13) Unobtrusive methods have proved to be valuable as ... to other research methods. 14) The beer consumption experiment produced ... of beer consumption. 15) It is very important how sociologists ... of their research. 16) Sociology should remain ... and not become ... influenced by government. 17) Sociology must ... to reveal information that is ... to government.

remain free, embarrassing, an autonomous discipline, unduly, interpret the results, a considerably higher estimate, a supplement, especially informative, household garbage, guarantee of consistency, surveys of one kind or another, inevitably, disguises, dishonest, an outsider, feel uneasy, face, either ... or ... , cause-and-effect relationship, to generate data, important aspect, as to.

IV. Studythe following words and word combinations and use them in sentences of your own:

to obtain data scientifically, to be exposed to, to collect data through, to get an accurate sense of, to face some problems, to resent smth, to disguise, to raise a delicate question, to provide smb with smth, to throw away, to include a variety of research techniques, to have some (no) impact on, to name a few examples, to prove to be ... , to abide by, under no condition, to accept research findings, to run counter to, to urge, to remain free.

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