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I.. Read and translate the text using a dictionaryif necessary.

II. Find in the text the English equivalents of the following:

уникальный, правильный (соответствующий), происходить через взаимодействия людей, через наши собственные наблюде­ния, следовать нормам и ценностям общества (нарушать), воз­действовать на, полный (общий), опыт (переживание), биологи­ческая наследственность, наследие, окружение, почти полнос­тью, следствие, наносить ущерб, познавательный потенциал, подчеркивать важность, сейчас признано, заботиться о физичес­ких потребностях ребенка, проявлять интерес к общественному развитию детей, не поощрять какое-либо действие, быть лишен­ным чего-либо, сверстники, взаимосвязь, воспитывать отдельно (2), генетический, быть удивительно похожим (сходным), заметное сходство, значительное различие, умственное развитие, значительно отличающийся, с одной стороны... с другой сторо­ны, проявлять интерес к, в начале 1900-х, выдвигать утвержде­ние, ощущать (осознавать), взрослеть, сотрудники, играть глав­ную роль, создавать впечатление, создавать определœенный вид (облик), удовлетворять аудиторию, делать промах, иметь склон­ность, не замечать ошибки, представлять логическое продолже­ние, делать акцент, подчеркивать (выделять), создавать образ, первый... последний, спасти (сохранить) репутацию (престиж).

III. Supplythe missing words or word combinations choosing among those given below.

1) Each culture has a ... character which ... the values and behavior of its members. 2) We learn ... from the people most important in our lives. 3) Through interacting with people ... through our own observations we discover how to behave properly. 4) We learn what to expect from others if we ... or ... society's norms and values. 5) Socialization experiences can ... on the shaping of people's personalities. 6) There is no ... regarding the relative importance of these factors in human development. 7) The consequences of social isolation have proved to be greatly .... 8) Children ... in isolation very often react.... 9)... their physical and cognitive potential it is very difficult ... them to human relationships. 10) Nowadays researchers are ... emphasizing the importance of early socialization experience for humans. 11) It is not enough ... children's needs; parents must also ... with their social development. 12) Children should not be ... from having friends. 13) Inheritance should not be ... as a factor in the social development of humans. 14) The ... between heredity and environment is evident. 15) Two ... identical persons develop quite different personalities. 16) Certain ... appear to be ... similar. 17) Identical twins brought up in ... different social ... score differently on ... . 18) Many sociologists have ... in how the individual develops and ... a sense of self. 19) In ... the sociologists ... that we learn who we are by interacting with others. 20) Other sociologists ... of the self. 21) The so-called ... play a ... role in shaping a person's self. 22) People very often ... in their daily activities. 23) This polite behavior is intended .... 24)... we often initiate ....

to maintain the proper image, face-saving behavior, to save face, blunder, «significant others», major, introduced the theory, the early 1900s, advanced the belief, expressed an interest, modifies, dramatically, environments, intelligence tests, characteristics, strikingly, genetically, interplay, dismissed, discouraged, to care for, concern themselves, increasingly, despite, to adapt, raised, like wild animals, damaging, consensus, have an impact, follow, challenge, as well as, a great deal, unique, shapes.

IV. Studythe following word combinations and use them in sentences of your own:

appropriate to smb, to learn a great deal from, and so forth, to affect smb, to shape an image, to refer to, both ... and, regarding smth, to be severely neglected, to be raised in isolation, to adapt smth to smth, to care for, to concern oneself with, to discourage smb from doing smth, to be deprived of, to be reared apart, to be brought up, to develop a personality, because of, to appear to be strikingly similar, far greater, to find marked similarities, to find significant differences, to have different scores on intelligence tests, to score quite differently on intelligence tests, on the one hand ... on the other hand.

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