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I. Read and translate the text using a dictionaryif necessary.

II. Find in the text English equivalents of the following:

имущество, иерархия, справедливая доля, вознаграждение, конфликтовать, причастность (вовлечение), классифицировать, разница в доходе, источники богатства, приблизительно, одино­кий, испытывать недостаток, насчитывать, руководящая роль, конторские служащие, профессии служащих, рабочие должнос­ти, меньшинство — большинство, отделяться от, этнический, физические свойства, исключительность, предрассудок, превос­ходящий, стоящий ниже, врожденный, обделять кого-либо, со­знательный (намеренный), уважение к, численно, соответство­вать определœению, подчинœенный, социальные различия, являть­ся результатом, так называемый, применение (использование), различие, забота о детях, домашние обязанности, ограничивать, с точки зрения, оплачиваемая рабочая сила, подчиняться руко­водителям-мужчинам, служба (занятость), приобрести самоува­жение, снижаться; браки, в которых оба супруга работают; неиз­бежный, иметь мало смысла, затмевать, широко распространен­ный, упрямый, обидчивый, сварливый, командирский, нужноед­ливый, пожилые, оскорбление, пренебрежение; последний по порядку, но не по значению; интернаты для престарелых, всœе возрастающая часть.

III. Supplythe missing words and word combinations choosing among those given below:

1) All cultures are ... by some degree of social inequality. 2) Of course, each of us wants ... of society's rewards. 3) Sociologists have ... their attention to the implications of stratification in ... members of society. 4) The upper class people form ... associations with one another in ... clubs and social .... 5) The lower class ... both wealth and income and is too weak politically to ... significant power. 6) The working class are people ... regular manual or ... jobs. 7) The racial group is a minority ... from others by obvious physical differences. 8) Racial and ethnic groups can relate to one another in a wide variety of ways ... from friendships and ... to behaviors caused by .... 9) Many societies have ... social ... between the sexes. 10) Few social roles are completely ... to ... men ... women. 11) The social ... of women's employment are very serious. 12) In modern industrial societies the social role of being a father is greatly .... 13) In ... marriages wives have the longest workweeks, while men have the shortest ... . 14) «Being old» is a ... status that sometimes ... all others. 15) And ..., the elderly are especially ... to be victims of age segregation.

last but not least; likely, master, overshadows, dual-career, total, workweeks, de-emphasized, consequences, restricted, either... or, established, distinctions, ranging, intermarriages, prejudice, set apart, holding, blue-collar, lack, exercise, intimate, exclusive, circles, directed, ranking, a «fair share», characterized.

IV. Studythe following word combinations and use them in sentences of your own:

to speculate about, to draw one's attention to, to account for, to regard smth with respect, to exercise one's will over, to come into conflict over, to argue over, to take a vacation, to direct one's attention to, to workout a system, to exercise leadership roles, to hold a job, to be concerned with, to be set apart from, to be subject to, to range from ... to ..., to deny opportunities and equal rights to, respect for, to be superior to, to establish social distinctions, to result from, to assume a responsibility for, to be capable of doing smth, to be assigned to, to report to smb, to make little sense to do smth, to handle a task, to receive public attention; last but not least; to be at a disadvantage, to feel lonely and unhappy, to fit the properties (definition) of, to be composed of.

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