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Психология Cross-sectional study
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Criterion validity

Cranial nerve

Counselling psychologist

Cortical plasticity


Correlation coefficient


Corpus callosum

Coping resources

Coordinated reference system


in syllogistic reasoning the swapping round of the two terms, A and B, which is valid in statements of type I and E and invalid for types A and O.

in environmental psychology, the system of abstract geometric patterns which children acquire by the end of Piaget's concrete operations stage.

those resources both within the individual and in the environment around them which enable them to deal with stressful situations.

a set of nerve fibre tracts visible in the midline sagittal section of the brain and which link its two hemispheres.

when two variables change, such that when one is large, the other tends to be either large or small; or if one is small the other also tends to be either small or large.

a number between -1 and +1 which expresses how strong a correlation is. If this number is close to 0, there is no real connection between the two; if it is close to +1 there is a positive correlation - in other words, if one variable is large the other will also tend to be large; and if it is close to -1, there is a negative correlation - in other words, if one variable is large, the other will tend to be small.

the problem of deciding which feature of the image in the left eye matches each feature in the right eye image. Correct matches are needed for binocular steropsis.

the ability of the cerebral cortex to change as a function of learning or damage, such as the reacquisition of language function following damage to the language hemisphere.

a clinical practitioner who specializes in helping and advising adults in troubled and dysfunctional relationships, or who are struggling with social problems such as drug or alcohol addiction through interpersonal procedures such as interviewing and tests.

a group of twelve nerves in the peripheral nervous system which are attached directly to the brain and supply the head and neck region of the body.

A method for assessing whether a psychometric test is valid (i.e. really measures what it is supposed to) by comparing it with some other measure. If the other measure is assessed at roughly the same time as the original one, then the type of criterion validity being applied is concurrent validity; if it is taken much later, it is predictive validity.

a study of adult behaviour drawn from adults of different ages.