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Образование Before maintenance and repair, the following things should be prepared
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Chapter 3 Maintenance and Repair

Chapter 2 Safety Operation and Usage

2.1 Safety requirements for use:

a) Passengers should hold the handrail, stand facing the direction of travel and keep feet within the yellow marking lines.

b) Small children or elders must be held firmly when they take escalator.

c) Pets must be carried.

d) Transportation of bulky and heavy loads not permitted; Use is permitted only with footwear.

e) Transportation of pushcart is not permitted.

2.2 Safety requirements for operation:

a) Before escalator is put into operation, foreign bodies on the combs and steps must be cleared.

b) Only a trained person is permitted to operate an escalator. An escalator cannot be started with a load.

c) An intended reversal of the direction of travel shall be possible only if the escalator stands still.

2.2.1 Normal condition:

a) Turn on the electric power including 380V power for the machine and 220V power for the control system.

b) Turn the switch on according to the required direction of travel by a special key, then the step lighting bulb is on and the startup bell rings. At the same time the escalator set out to move. After starting the escalator, the operator is not permitted to leave the escalator without turning the key back to the middle or without drawing it out.

c) As soon as the stop button is pressed down, the escalator stops immediately.

2.2.2 Failure:

a) If an escalator can’t run after it is started with a special key, the power switch and the switch of control boxes and the inspection control switch should be checked whether they have been turned on. If all these switches are on and the escalator still fails to start, it is necessary to check the failure display of the escalator for the failure code. You can get the details about the failure code from “DIAO SME Escalator Electric Maintenance Instruction”.

b) If a failure occurs which is permitted by the safety rules, the machine power should be cut off automatically to stop the escalator. Then the maintenance men can find out the failure.

c) If extra incidents happen such as people falling, the operator should press down the stop button or cut off the power supply as quickly as possible.

3.1 Safety protection measures during maintenance and repair:

a) During maintenance and repair, precautions should be taken so that escalators cannot be started without the consent of the person performing such work.

b) Escalators should be regularly maintained and repaired by competent personnel.


a) Set up an enclosure and notes with the inscription “Routine Repair, No Access”

b) Turn the main switch off and lock it.

c) Inspection switch boxes shall be connected with the electrical controller in both driving and return stations in an escalator.