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Образование CHK ADJ
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Place a thick rag or a towel over the radiator cap. Slowly rotate the cap anti-clockwise toward the catch. This action allows any residual pressure to escape. When the hissing sound has stopped, press down on the cap while turning anti-clockwi- se and remove it.


Remove the radiator cap after removing the drain bolt Place the scooter upright on a level surface when draining off coolant.


Wait a few minutes until the coolant settles before you check the coolant level

5. Install:

• Drain bolt Ø

9 Nm (0,9 m•kg)

6. Loosen:

• Thermostat lid screw Ø (carburettor bleed)

7. Connect

• Hose (reservoir tank)

8. Refill:

• Overflow tube

(to the specified level)

Fill slowly, until the coolant comes out from the bleed screw

• Reservoir tank

(to maximum level)

  Recommended coolant: High-quality ethylene glycol anti-freeze
containing corrosion inhibitors for alu- minium engines.
  Coolant and water (soft water): Mixed ratio:
50% /50% Total quantity: 1.1 l Expansion tank capacity: 0.6 l

************************************************************ Warning about handling coolant:

Coolant is potentially harmful and should be handled with special care


If coolant splashes into your eyes:

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