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Образование D) NO preliminary preparation on a specific subject for a particular occasion.
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A prepared speech is more widely used by the pupils. A prepared speech may be based on the suggested language material and a topic/ situation, or on the suggested topic/situation, but not on the suggested material.

In the psychological aspect both forms of speaking possess such qualities as purposefulness, communicative motivation, situational character, being addressed to the interlocutor.

A monologue is characterized by: continuity, completion, logical succession, contextuality. Or, it has: - continuous

- completed

- logical consistent

- successive

- contextual

A dialogue is a typical example of impromptu speaking; it is characterized by a greater degree of emotional colouring and situational relevance (conditionality).

A situation is characterized by the following features:

a) Absence of immediate connection of speech (language) units with the present circumstances;

b) Dynamic character, i.e. it undergoes constant changes together with them. Each remark changes and develops the situation;

c) A situation is not a mere entity of circumstances, events and relationships;

d) The content of a situation is based on a problem or conflict which breaks the existing system of relationships;