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Менеджмент A. DIALOGUE
просмотров - 969


1. Read the dialogue and act it out:

Englishman:As far as I know, you are Ukrainian’s provider of investment activity. Are there any regulations in Ukraine?

Ukrainian:Yes, there are.There arelegal acts regulating the issues on investment activity in the territory of Ukraine.

Englishman:What can you say about foreign investments in this country?

Ukrainian:First of all, itis regulated by the Law of Ukraine № 93/96-ВР “On foreign investment regulations”, dated March 19, 1996.

Englishman:In this connection, what are the subjects executing investment activity in the territory of Ukraine?

Ukrainian:We’re coming to the point.Foreign investments are values which are invested in objects of investment activity according to the legislation of Ukraine.

Englishman: Well, and what enterprise is with foreign investments?

Ukrainian:As elsewhere, the enterprise gains status of the enterprise with foreign investment from the day of the foreign investment placing to its balance.

Englishman:I fancy in what forms foreign investment can be conducted?

Ukrainian:I should stress,thatforeign investment can be conducted in forms of currency, any movable and real estate and property rights related to them, monetary claim and rights, shares, bonds, any rights of intellectual property, other securities as well as corporate rights, other values, according to the legislation of Ukraine.

Englishman:I would agree with you that it may be useful to me.

2. Read the dialogue, translate the Ukrainian remarks into English and act it out:

Foreigner:Good afternoon!

The guide: Добрий день, Мр. Браун! У нас не дуже багато часу. Що ви хотіли дізнатися конкретно?

Foreigner: You know I am the chief manager of the business company. That's why I would like to know more of investment activity in Ukraine.

The guide: Так, я вас розумію. Всі ці проблеми стосуються законодавства України і чітко визначені на державному рівні.

Foreigner:I agree with you, I'm quite a good specialist in this sphere. Вut what are the subjects executing investment activity?

The guide:Так.Іноземні інвестиції є цінності інвестовані в об’єкти інвестиційної діяльності згідно законодавства нашої держави.

Foreigner: Sorry for my being so persistent. What is the main Regulatory legal act regulating the issues on investment activity in thіs country?

The guide:Хочу підкреслити, що вся інвестиційна діяльність розпочалася ще в серпні 1991 року і визначена законом України «Про інвестиційну діяльність».

Foreigner:I fancy, what kind of act is it?

The guide:Це є основний регулюючий акт стосовно інвестиційної діяльності на території України під №1560 – XII від 18 серпня 1991 року.

Foreigner:By the way, what currency is convertible in Ukraine?

The guide:Слід сказати, що це є та іноземна валюта͵ яка визнана конвертованою Національним банком України.

Foreigner:Thank you very much for your information!

2. Make up a dialogue on the following:

Foreign investment regulations in the territory of EU.

• Any rights of intellectual property value.

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