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Менеджмент B. Comment on the presentation given by your colleague. Make use of the following points and helpful phrases.
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Translate the following words and word-combinations.


· a gear – to gear - gearing adjustment – high gearing – low gearing - geared investment trust

· to draw – draft – overdraft – drawer – drawee - to withdraw – withdrawal

· hold - holder – shareholder – stockholder – stakeholder - holding

· debt – debtor – debit – indebtedness

· own – owned - owning-owner - ownership – ownerless

· owe – owing – owed

2.5.6 A. Use the plan below and the phrases that follow to make a presentation of a company. Surf the Internet, find supporting materials and base your presentation on the profile of a real company.

Greetings Introduction (Preparing the audience) Main Part (Delivering the message) Conclusion (Winding-up)
Good morning / afternoon ladies and gentlemen! First, let me introduce myself; I’m … from … . Let us clear first of all over … (e.g the organisation structure / the general aims / etc...) In conclusion … .
Ladies and gentlemen! I’ll begin by …, then go on to …, and I’ll end with … The first point to make is that … . Looking back, … .
Good morning / afternoon! I stick to the opinion that no speech can be entirely bad if it is short enough. So I intend to be brief. The next point is that … . That’s all I have to say for the moment.
Good morning / afternoon, colleagues! It’s tempting to talk in terms of … (one or other’s views prevailing … ) However, one or two comments have some validity. Before closing I’d like to summarize the main points again.
  The core of my presentation will be contained in … . Initially, … . Thank you for your attention.
  Feel free to interrupt if you have any questions. All this suggests that, … .  
  My presentation will take not more than 7 minutes as I intend to be concise. … not to mention … [11]  

- The timing

· … The presentation was a bit out of schedule/had an appropriate timing

· to follow the timeline

-The lay-out of the presentation

· to have a well-balanced lay-out (structure)

· to be plainly arranged into foreword, the body, conclusion

- The manner of presentation

· to show the ability to describe and comment on something (to explain, summarize and develop the idea)…

· to speak (exceedingly) fluently/to be inarticulate (incoherent)

· to speak in an appropriately formal tone/in a tone sometimes inappropriate

· to follow the response of the target listeners

- General language ability

· …the wide range of the active does the speaker credit / the limited range of the active is not to the speaker’s credit

· …the mistakes were quite occasional/ unfortunately rough

· …the speaker shows / can boast of a good (poor, adequate, relevant) command of the language

· to use helpful phrases (active vocabulary) in a full range

· … the speaker uses effective strategies for delivering the message across

- The contents of the presentation

· to give an insight into something

· to be integrated throughout the professional component

· to give relevant information (judgment / detailed description / recommendations) in various subject-matter areas

· to be discussed with a special bias towards analyzing and evaluating the relevance of something

- The use of visuals and slide structure

· … the chosen Power Point techniques (fonts, background, colours, animation, graphs and charts) make the statements more convincing

· to do something with flick-of-the-eye rapidity

· At a first glance, … .