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Менеджмент Choose and fill in the necessary form of the Participle. Define the function of the Participle in the sentence. Translate the sentences into Russian.
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Change the Infinitive in brackets for Perfect Participle (active or passive). Translate the sentences into Russian.

Change the Infinitive in brackets for Participle I or Participle II (passive). Translate the sentences into Russian.

Exercise 4


Model:That was the best advice (to give)by him.

That was the best advice given by him.

He was very kind (to give) advice to me.

He was very kind giving advice to me.

1. Accounts not (to pay) in time are called overdue accounts.

2. I helped him in handling problems (to create) by other departments.

3. Late at night he received an e-mail (to ask) him to come home at once.

4. I saw at once he had a heart attack (to come on).

5. I could hear voices of the kids (to wait for) the bell to ring.

6. They required an irrevocable letter of credit (to confirm) on a London bank.

7. (To be) a master craftsman of the old school, Bob Hardiman could produce a magnificent piece of furniture.

8. The Rules of Association (to draw up) by Harper & H.G.`s father state that the qualification holding is only two shares.

9. The (to remain) two hundred and fifty shares were bought, as Hector Grant feared they would be, by Alfred Wentworth.

10. Peter Wiles wants the Sales Manager John Martin on the Board (to feel) that the Board is already rather over-weighted with members like Hector Grant and William Buckhurst.


Model 1:(To receive) the money he left for London.

Having received the money, he left for London.

1. (To receive) an enquiry from the Abracan government John Martin decided to wait until the order was definite.

2. (To quote) in local currency they wished to be protected if the Abracan currency devalued in relation to sterling.

3. (To book) their representative into a hotel, the firm also put a car at his disposal.

4. (To send) an invoice to the customer, the firm submits an account, which shows the total amount due at the end of the month.

5. (To receive) long credit from its suppliers any company would like to give short credit to its customers.

Model 2:(To pay) the money for the goods the seller left for London.

Having been paid the money for the goods, the seller left Rome.

6. (To supply) with goods the firm has become insolvent and cannot pay.

7. Harper & Grant mainly do business on wholesale terms: (to give credit), shops or stores can have the goods they want and defer payment

8. (To provide) with information about the financial situation in the company, suppliers can judge whether they are a good credit risk.

9. (To pack and mark) the goods were ready for shipment.

10. (To deliver) the order, the export manager requested his assistant to check prices.


1. The following table shows the position of each of the London clearing banks in August on the date (having indicated / indicated)

2. Show me the catalogues (receiving / received) yesterday.

3. The figures (mentioned / having been mentioned) in his report are (publishing / published) in this journal.

4. (Having been read / having read) much on this matter he could make an interesting report.

5. The guarantee (presenting / presented) by the firm is (signed / signing) by the bank manager.

6. The quality of goods is in accordance with the specification (enclosing / enclosed).

7. They were reluctant to fill out the forms (describing / described) the expenses (made / having made).

8. He didn`t usually utter a word unless (speaking to / spoken to).

9. The meeting of the Board (calling / called) by Jim Gardner two days later was a particularly strong one.

10. With some show of reluctance I made Tom (requiring/required) promise.

11. She sat (having done / done / doing) nothing at all, neither (reading / being read) nor (sewing / being sewed).

12. (Having examined/examined) the goods the client signed the bill.


Do it in English

1. Не будучи предупрежденным об аудиторской проверке, он не представил ежеквартальный отчет.

2. Тарифы и субсидии, применяемые в общегосударственном масштабе, важны для обороны страны.

3. Будучи введены, всœе ограничительные меры держат мировую торговлю в определœенных пределах (лимитируют), снижая общее количество произведенных товаров и услуᴦ.

4. Послав клиенту счет-фактуру, поставщик информирует его об общей сумме, подлежащей оплате в конце месяца.

5. Реанимировав когда-то успешную, но забытую торговую марку, компания потратила меньше, чем на создание нового продукта.

6. Услышав закрытую информацию о надвигающейся отставке чиновника, курирующего продажу акций, они немедленно избавились от своих ценных бумаᴦ.

5 What do we call misrelated participles?

A participle is considered to belong to the noun/pronoun which precedes it (which usually, but not necessarily, is the subject of the main verb). If there is no noun/pronoun in this position the participle is considered to belong to the subject of the following main verb.

We require an irrevocable letter of credit confirmed on a London bank. Мы требуем аккредитив, подтвержденный Лондонским банком.
Believing that he is alone, the man expressed his thoughts aloud. Полагая, что он один, мужчина озвучил свои мысли.

If this principle is disregarded confusion results.

Wrong Correct
Climbing down the tree, one of the branches broke. As he was climbing down the tree, one of the branches broke
Whenusing this machine it must be remembered. When using this machine you must remember...