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Менеджмент Complete the following sentences with the words from the box. There are three extra words that you do not need
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to foster – сприяти, заохочувати

challenge– виклик, випробування, тут: складне завдання

pattern – модель

currency – валюта

balance of payments – баланс виплат

extent – розмір, міра

applicable– що застосовується

responsiveness – зворотна реакція, відгук

multifocal approach – багатофокусний підхід

to utilize – застосовувати

to expand – розширювати, збільшувати

to assess – оцінювати

inherent in – притаманний

to tend – мати тенденцію, прагнути

susceptible to – піддається на

strife – боротьба

copper – мідь

holding – внесок

to hire – наймати

curriculum – план

entirely– повністю, загалом

1. Study the following definitions. Make sure you understand them and can reproduce from memory:

International managementis the process of managing resources (people, funds, inventories, and technologies) across national boundaries and adapting management principles and functions to the demands of foreign competition and environments.

Globalization is the strategy that involves the development of relatively standardized products with worldwide appeal.

Rationalization is the process of assigning activities to those parts of the organization best suited to produce specific goods or desired results, regardless of where they are located.

National responsiveness is the strategy that allows subsidiaries latitude in adapting products and services to conform to the special needs and political realities of the countries in which they operate.

Multifocal approach is the strategy that tries to achieve the advantages of globalization while attempting to be responsive to important national needs.

2. Mach the words with their definitions:

1. globalization a. the plan of any activity

2. to reduce b. model

3. applicable c. a very complicated task

4. curriculum d. a thing that is in use (is put into practice)

5. multifocal e. the process that has many aspects

6. challenge f. to make something smaller

7. pattern g. something which a person owns (land, shares)

8. holding h. the strategy that involves the development of

standardized products

To assess strategies globalization bribes the first consideration of international success to expand worldwide to foster formalities scale curricula entirely

1. The economic independence of nations the growth of multinational firms that conduct business on a global ...

2. When a company is to get established in a foreign country it is the environment's current state that gets more attention.

3. There are four involved in international management.

4. is the strategy that involves the development of relatively standardized products with appeal.

5. Firms that wish to into a foreign country must also its political stability.

6. Virtually every management textbook being used in business today has at least one chapter devoted to international management.

4. Find English equivalents to the following Ukrainian phrases:

Складне випробування, з іншого боку, керування ресурсами, мати справу з іноземними моделями економічного зросту, відносно стандартизований продукт, багатофокусний підхід, мультинаціональна компанія, оцінювати політичну стабільність країни, втрачати внески, націоналізувати компанії, міжнародний менеджмент.

5. Find words in the text that are synonyms to the following:

A contest, a difficult test, to value, a firm, size, to increase, a model, to use, a plan, to hire, constant, a possibility, completely.