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Exercise 3

Read the text below. In most of the lines 3-23 there is one wrong word or word combination. Some lines, however, are correct.

· If a line is correct, put a tick (Ö) in the space in the right-hand column.

· If there is a mistake in the line, circle out the mistake and write the correct word in the right-hand column.

Mr. Goldberg, returnedfrom Europe, was assigned by returning
the head steward to a table for two. Presently he was joined (Ö)
by a polite Frenchman who, before sit down, bowed,
smiled, and said, ”Bon appetit”. Not to be outdoing,
Mr.Goldberg rose, bowed, and said: ”Goldberg”. This little
ceremony was repeat at each meal for three days. The
Frenchmen always came late, always said, “Bon appetit”,  
and his bewildering table companion always rose and
replied, “Goldberg”. On the four day, Mr. Goldberg
confided his perplexity to a man in the smoked lounge: “It
was like this, you see. This Frenchman says me his name -
Bon Appetit - and then I tell him mine. So we are
introducing. That’s fine. But why keep it day after day,
meal after meal?” “Oh, you don’t understand,
Mr.Goldberg,” replied another. “Bon appetit” is not his
name. He is merely to wish you a good appetite; he is
hoping that you have a pleasant meal.” “Ah, now I
understand,” exclaimed Goldberg. “Thanks for help me out
Now I’ll have to show him that I know that he means.”
That evening it was Goldberg who arrived late for dinner.
Before being sitted down he bowed ceremoniously and
said, “Bon appetit.” Whereupon the Frenchman rose,
smiled and murmured, “Goldberg.”

Topics for the Power Point presentations:

1. The profile of a firm

2. The organisational structure of a firm

3. Types of businesses. (use 2.4.5)

4. The structure of the capital of a company

5. Types of securities

6. Financial derivatives

7. Mergers, takeovers & acquisitions

8. Ways to overcome the risk of a takeover.

9. Advantages and disadvantages of small businesses.

10. Advantages and disadvantages of corporations

11. The gearing of the company

12. A brief summary of the financial situation at MIE-Taiwan

13. The situation at MIE-Taiwan before took over the company

14. The situation at MIE-Taiwan after Tanaka started restructuring. The changes in the Organizational Chart of MIE, proposed by Tanaka

15. New product development

Environment of Accounting

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