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Менеджмент D. Rewrite these sentences in the passive voice.
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C. Supply suitable infinitive forms for the verbs given in brackets.

B. Rewrite these sentences to begin with the words in italics.

A. Complete these sentences so that they refer to other people.


Model:I don’t want to speak to the adjuster. I want Tom to speak to him.

1. Coburn doesn’t expect to sell the shoes. It expects the commodity specialist ____________ .

2. I don’t want to explain how to ensure the return on the sale. I’d like an expert _________ it.

3. You won’t listen to me. How many times do I have to ask you ____?

4. John McEnroe doesn’t want anyone to know about Garcia’s strange idea. He’d hate anybody _______ .

5. I can’t draw up a special contract myself. I need a lawyer ________ .

6. We can’t provide funds to support this unexpected proposal. Perhaps our partners can help us ____________________ .

Model:He’d like to remit some money to his “old country”.

He can’t afford it.

He can’t afford to remit some money.

1. The transport company must cover the loss to the property of Harper & Grant. It intends _____________________________.

2. He’ll send a tentative order for the gears. He’s offering. ____________.

3. He wants to rent space in the cargo compartment of a ship for one voyage. He’s just applied. __________________________ .

4. Purchase insurance? I refuse. ______________________________

5. The exporter didn’t sell directly to a firm in his own country. He failed. _______________________________ .

6. Can you inspect the damaged goods tomorrow? Can you manage ____?

7. Coburn Tool Corporation manufactures large and small machine tools and parts, gears, valves, and bearings. It offers _______________.

8. He would suffer a complete loss. He couldn’t afford it. ____________ .

Model:Let’s buy Japaneese radios. (buy)

1. He made me _________ the mess. (to clear up)

2. John Martin thought that he had better ____ to find an agent to act for Harper & Grant Ltd. (to try)

3. Mary would sooner ___ than ___ him for another penny. (to starve, to ask)

4. “What makes you ______ that someone from the firm ought to go up and give us an opinion of the damage?”(to think)

5. Sally is sure there’s nobody in the world she would rather _____ with or ______ greater respect for. (to work, to have)

6. You had better ________ the way of life, Peter. (to change)

7. Do let’s ____ somewhere a little more forward-looking! Or I would rather ______! (to go, to die)

8. Don’t let Mr. Duncan ____ so early. He is a very valuable customer. (to leave).

9. What made you _____ that their quotations were reasonable? (to think)

10.I watched the customs officers ________ (to examine) the airway bill carefully.

11.The insurance broker saw his client’s face _______ (to change).

12. Ben had the secretary ______ (to bring) him the insurance policy for the load.

13. Let us ________ (to consider) the responsibility of the carriers because the damage is caused by negligence on the part of the driver.

1. He made me repeat the instructions. I __________________________ .

2. He saw the lorry begin to roll forward. The lorry _________________ .

3. The Chief Executive Officer reluctantly let me go on a leave.________ .

4. We must send him a Dangerous Goods Note. He _________________ .

5. I advised him to ask for a Certificate of Insurance. He _____________ .

6. The bank robbers made the cashier show them how to open the safe. The cashier _______________________________________________ .

7. She saw the visitor fill in the application form. The visitor _________ .

8. The police made him sign a paper admitting his offence against the regulations. He ___________________________________________ .

9. The Managing Director let the old craftsman make a mahogany desk for the Minister’s personal use. The old craftsman ___________________ .

e. Complete the sentences using an object +to-infinitive after the verbs.

Model 1:Take out an all-risks policy. My partner advised me to take out an all-risks policy .

1. She didn’t advise our principles that the proceeds of our transfer had been credited to the beneficiary’s account only on the 1st of July. You didn’t tell _________________________________ .

2. We work hard. Our instructor taught _________________________ .

3. The bank executed the payment. The beneficiary ordered _________ .

4. You should not delay this payment. The manager has warned _____

5. Garcia wants to send a tentative order for gears. His experts advised ______ .

6. Citizens can’t take more than a specified amount of money with them when they travel abroad. The government forbids ___________ .

7. Doreen’s score is high and she will go to Green Coats, one of the principle schools in London. Her high score entitles _____________ .

8. The driver of the lorry neglected the regulations. The adjusters acknowledged _________________________

Model 2:People know that he is an expert in risk analysis.People know him to be an expert in risk analysis.

1. The insurance agents discovered (that) the claim was false. _______ .

2. Mr. Roberts imagines that the damage is caused by negligence on the part of the driver. ____________________________ .

3. William Buckhurst believes that all goods are covered by a blanket insurance policy. _____________________ .

4. H.G. found that the news concerning the hi-jacked lorry was too discouraging. _________________ .

5. Everybody knows that Harper & Grant Ltd. is insured with a syndicate of Lloyds underwriters. _________________________ .

6. He discovered that the invoice had been sent. __________________ .

7. She pretended that she knew next to nothing about a comprehensive policy. ___________________________ .

8. They hope that their firm will succeed. ________________________ .

Model 3:He claims that he is an expert in work study surveys.He claims himself to be an expert in work study surveys.

9. I expect that I will hear from my suppliers soon. ________________ .

10. He claimed that he had reduced the fees. ______________________ .

11. I arranged that I should do the accounts. _______________________ .

12. The inspection threatened that it would impose a penalty. _________ .

13. We consider that we are experienced enough to meet the special requirements. ___________________________________________ .