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Менеджмент DIALOGUE
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1. Read the dialogue and act it out:

Ukrainian:It would be helpful to know what does franchising refer to?

Englishman:I’m quite sure that franchising refers to the methods of practicing and using another person's philosophy of business.

Ukrainian:What can you say about historic grounds of franchising?

Englishman:It seems to one surprising thatfranchising dates back to at least the 1850s; Isaac Singer, who made improvements to an existing model of a sewing machine.

Ukrainian:That is why it is imperative to know aboutmodern franchising?Englishman:It should be remembered that modern franchising came to prominence with the rise of franchise-based food service establishments.

Ukrainian: By the way, can you name pioneers ofthis business?

Englishman:As far as I remember in 1935, Howard Deering Johnson teamed up with Reginald Sprague to establish the first modern restaurant franchise.

Ukrainian: Well and what does franchise agreement usually specify?

Englishman:It should be stressed that the franchise agreement is a standard part of franchising. The franchise agreement is a fluid document, crafted to meet the specific needs of the franchise. But due diligence, there are elements commonly found in every agreement.

Ukrainian: It is especially significant to understand the legal peculiarities of franchising.

Englishman:Yes, in the United States, franchising falls under the jurisdiction of a number of state and federal laws.

Ukrainian: What would you say touching upon this problem in Great Britain?

Englishman:In the United Kingdom, there are no franchise-specific laws; franchises are subject to the same laws that govern other businesses.

Ukrainian: I see. Could you give examples of franchise chains?

Englishman:It is beyond doubt that in regard to contemporary franchise chains, McDonalds is the most successful worldwide with more restaurant units than any other network.

2. Read the dialogue, translate the Ukrainian remarks into English and act it out:

Foreigner: I would like to stress that the term "franchising" is used to describe business systems.

Ukrainian: Так, безсумнівно, але треба пам’ятати, що ринок в Україні відстає від світових стандартів торгівлі. Сучасний франчайзинг має історичне коріння.

Foreigner: As far as I remember, franchising dates back to at least the 1850s.

Ukrainian: Дійсно, угода по франчайзингу зазвичай визначає дану галузь, над якою францайзeр зберігає виключний контроль?

Foreigner:Yes, at the same time, a franchise agreement will usually specify the given territory the franchisee retains exclusive control over.

Ukrainian: A як щодо сучасних форм франчайзингу?

Foreigner: Generally speaking, modern franchising came to prominence with the rise of franchise-based food service companies.

Ukrainian: Безумовно. Певно, ці компанії зараз мають найбільші торговельні мережі у світі?

Foreigner:Based on the worldwide experience one may note that the progress fast food restaurants, diners and motel chains exploded.

Ukrainian: Ви маєте рацію. Можна стверджувати, що прогрес в цьому виді бізнесу має і Україна.

Foreigner: It would be helpful to know that McDonalds is the most successful worldwide units of franchise network.

Ukrainian: Хочу зазначити, що сфера діяльності цієї компанії в Україні є досить розвинœеною.

Foreigner:I’d like to stress that, franchise contracts form a unique and ongoing relationship between the modern business parties.

3. Make up a dialogue on the following:

• Legal aspects of modern franchising.

• Сontemporary franchise chains all over the world.

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