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Менеджмент DIALOGUE 1
просмотров - 689


A. Search for keywordsinvisibles, trade balance, financial centers, Lloyds Underwriters, Forex, Eurocurrency marketin the Internet to find further information about one of these items. Report on your findings in a presentation using the following points and helpful phrases from the chart:

Introduction: We make general remarks about the subject.
Main Part: We present our viewpoints and justify them with examples.
Conclusion: We give the gist of the presentation again briefly in a different way.
Greetings Introduction (Preparing the audience) Main Part (Delivering the message) Conclusion (Winding-up)
Dear listeners! I’m going to be talking about ... . Firstly ... . Secondly ... . So, to cut a long story short … .
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I’ll start with ... and then move on to ... . Finally, I’m going to … This brings me to my next point ... . In conclusion it’s important to remind you …
  I think, if you don’t mind we’ll leave questions to the end. To bolster the argument** I should say that ... . Let’s dot the “i”s and cross the “t”s
  I hope my lecture won’t be a long shot*. I must emphasize … That’s about all there is to it.
    At this point we must consider ... . Thank you for listening.
    To go back to my earlier point ... . Now if there are any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them.

B. Comment on the presentation given by your colleague. Make use of the following points and helpful phrases. Do your best so as not to offend the speaker and to show the positive sides of the presentation rather than criticize it:

- The timing

· The presentation was a bit too extended(had an appropriate timing)

· to follow the timeline

-The lay-out of the presentation

· to be well (badly, appropriately, ... etc.) - structured, - planned

· to be clearly organized into introduction, the main part, conclusion

- The manner of presentation

· to speak distinctly and clearly (slowly, monotonously, ... etc.)

· to have a good/poor/(in)sufficient eye-to-eye contact with target listeners

· to encourage feedback

· as to the speaker’s poise , he/she was quite self-possessed throughout the lecture

- General language ability

· to have mispronouncings (slips of the tongue, grammatical errors)

· to have a good (poor, adequate, appropriate) command of the language

· to use helpful phrases (active vocabulary) in a full range

· to be (not) up to the mark

- The contents of the presentation

· the facts were well-chosen(varied, to the point,...etc.) and helped to hold attention and interest of the listeners

· to cover the matter fully

· to be (quite) at home in the subject

· to be concise, but to the point

- The use of visuals and slide structure

· to find the correct approach to the subject

· to help the audience concentrate on what the lecturer is saying

· the chosen fonts (colour, background, graphs) reinforce the logic of the presentation

- I assume, ... (guess, reckon... etc.) / I should admit that ...

- I regret to say, that … .

- I’m afraid I didn’t quite catch ... (what the speaker said / meant ...).

- My impression of the presentation is (un- / hardly / quite) favourable.

Read and translate the following dialogue:

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