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Менеджмент E. DIALOGUE
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1. Read the dialogue and act it out:

Englishman:What are legal grounds of the licensing principles in your country?

Ukrainian:Well,electronic information everywhere in the world is usually defined and described by contractual agreements, otherwise known as licenses.

Englishman:It must be clearly noticed. Should the license agreement be clear and comprehensive?

Ukrainian:It is for this reason that the license agreement should be clear and recognizing the needs of the concerned parties.

Englishman: It would be helpful to know if user rights defined?

Ukrainian:Therefore it is correct to state that user rights are defined within the terms and conditions of the licenses.

Englishman:Well, it is evident that the tasks and costs of libraries and information providers with regard to long-term archiving and preservation of electronic resources are disturbingly unclear.

Ukrainian:Howevera license cannot resolve this complicated set of electronic archiving issues, it will, express a set of commitments or expectations on the part of the contracting parties.

Englishman:I see. How is the licenses process controlled and protected in Ukraine?

Ukrainian:In the international context, a formal licensing agreement is possible only if the intellectual property right you wish to license is protected in this country or countries of interest to you.

Englishman:I would agree with you that it may be important to me.

Ukrainian:Finally if your intellectual property is not protected in Ukraine or other country then you would not only be able to license it and would have no legal right to put any restriction on its use by anyoneelse.

2. Read the dialogue, translate the Ukrainian remarks into English and act it out:

Foreigner: Speaking on the problems of licensing I would like to emphasize that it is rapidly being developed in Ukraine.

Ukrainian:Безумовно, але ще існує багато невирішених питань у сфері ліцензування різних форм власності і виробництва.

Foreigner: Well,what do you mean?

Ukrainian:Хочу сказати, якщо ви починаєте новий бізнес, або розширюєте його вкрай необхідно ліцензування прав інтелœектуальної власності.

Foreigner:As far as I know, during the last years licensing principles in Ukraine are dynamic.

Ukrainian: Це правда, ліцензування, стає всœе більш популярним. Спостерігається позитивна тенденція зростання ліцензійних угод.

Foreigner: In many situations, licensing of intellectual property rights is an effective tool for achieving business goals in most countries.

Ukrainian: Хочу сказати, що в Україні ліцензування є порівняно нова форма оформлення справ для багатьох сторін в інформаційному просторі.

Foreigner: Well, a licensing agreement is a partnership between an intellectual property rights owners and it could be expected that the government of Ukraine will demonstrate an increased interest in licensing.

Ukrainian: Відносно цього я можу сказати, що ліцензування має величезний потенціал в Україні.

Foreigner:I think, thatlicensing is a question of great possibilities in conducting business in your own country or elsewhere.

2. Make up a dialogue on the following:

• Discuss with your friend the electronic information resources, the archiving and preservation of traditional media.

• Speak about the user rights defined within the terms and conditions of the licenses.

• Speak with your friend how could you reform the licensing principles.

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