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Checking Spare Parts in the Carton


Refer to ownerЎЇs manual for proper starting instructions.

This engine oil should be drained and replaced with new engine oil. Before debugging dirt bike, never attempt to start the engine without first replacing the engine oil with the proper amount grade as described in the ownersЎЇ manual.

Front Wheel Tool Bag Key Manual

Fairing alloy brake pedalDryer

Safety, Warning and Caution Messages

You will find important safety information in a variety forms, including:

Ў¤Safety LabelsЎЄon the motorcycle.

Ў¤Safety messagesЎЄpreceded by a safety alert symbol and three signal words:

These signal words mean:

DANGERYou WILL be KILLED or SERIOUSLY HURT if you donЎЇt follow instructions.

WARNING You CAN be KILLED or SERIOUSLY HURT if you donЎЇt follow instructions.

CAUTIONYou CAN be HURT if you donЎЇt follow instructions.

Ў¤Safety HeadingsЎЄsuch as important Safety Reminders or Safety Precautions.

Ў¤Safety sectionЎЄsuch as Motorcycle correctly and safety.

Ў¤InstructionsЎЄhow to use this motorcycle correctly and safety

Electric Shock Explosion Moving Parts Fumes

Fire Hot Surface Injury