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Маркетинг Before you listen to Dialogue No 2 match the expressions in the left column with their translation in the right one.
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Listen to Dialogue No 1 between two speakers and answer the questions below. Then listen again and check your answers.

1. What are the speakers discussing?

2. Why is the first speaker so worried about the new advertising campaign?

3. What is the purpose of this new advertising campaign?

4. What combination of media is planned by the company in the advertising mix?

5. What advantages of direct mail were mentioned by the first speaker?

6. How many customers will be informed by direct mail shot?

8* Complete the dialogue using the words from the box. There are two words which you don't need to use.


KATE: Good morning. I am studying the problems of adver­tising. May be you could give me some information on this problem.

HELEN: Good morning. Well, to begin with, a firm has to ask itself a number of important questions in relation to advertising: How much should the company spend on advertising? What combination of ______(1)______ will work best ? What effect does advertising have on the com­pany's sales?

KATE: To my mind, to answer these questions the company should use some methods of measuring the______(2)______ of advertising.

HELEN: You see, most of the methods focus not on ______(3)______changes but on how well the communica­tion is remembered, recognized, or recalled.

KATE: But why? Do these methods really can measure to what extent the advertising really______(4)______?

HELEN: No, they can't, because many factors besides adver­tising ______(5)______sales success. Advertising has some impact on a product's sales but the exact effect is uncer­tain.

KATE: Then what information is given by these methods?

HELEN: At present most______(6)______methods simply tell which ad is the best among those being appraised.

KATE: But if I am not mistaken, even though one ad may be found to be more memorable or to create more ______(7)______ than another, that fact alone gives noassurance of relationship to sales______(8)______.

HELEN: That's right.

KATE: Then why should the company advertise?

HELEN: Without advertising to inform the public of its product, the company will have a difficult time winning brand recognition and brand acceptance. Without adver­tising it will probably be difficult to______(9}______deal­ers to carry the firm's product, especially if _____(10)______brands are well known.

KATE: I see. Thank you veiyTmicii indeed.

HELEN: You are welcome.

1. product life cycle

2. to sell well

3. old 'steady'

4. to run for years

5. slogan

6. desk range

7. we are all for keeping it

8. teaser advertising campaign

9. to launch

10. direct mail shot

a. ассортимент письменных столов

b. игровая (дразнящая) реклам­ная кампания

c. кампания рассылки материа­лов по почте

d. лозунг, девиз, рекламная фор­мула

e. выпускать новый товар на рынок

f. что-л. старое, верное/устояв­шееся

g. жизненный цикл продукта

h. иметь хороший сбыт

i. успешно действовать много лет

j. Мы всœецело за то, чтобы сохра­нить это