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Маркетинг Ex.1 Choose the correct answers.
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Ex.2. Open the brackets, using the Passive Voice.

Ex.1. Complete the sentences using the correct passive (perfect) form of the verbs in brackets.

1. A lot of new companies (open) in our city this year.

2. We didn’t know that he (not invite).

3. The construction of our new office (finish) before winter comes.

4. He went to London last year and he (not hear) of ever since.

5. I wondered why her child (not teach) any foreign language.

6. The instructions just (give).

7. He didn’t follow the advice he (give).

8. I realized that the letter (lose).

9. The answers to all business letters (write) long before the end of the working day.

10. This historical fact (know) for many years.

11. The work (do) by the time he comes back to the office.

12. I wondered whether the product already (withdraw) from the market.

1. This new product much (talk) about.

2. Those papers (not look through) yet.

3. Several contracts (sign) next week.

4. When I came, the problem (not settle) yet.

5. The letter still (translate).

6. The list of applicants (make) before I came.

7. Nothing (hear) of her since she left Kyiv.

8. This product (produce) in large numbers before we received this complaint about a bad quality.

9. A new cosmetic line (launch) onto the market by the end of the year.

10. The date of the meeting (change) before they informed us.

11. Your order (send) before you return.

12. You (bother) by that man again.

Ex.3. Translate into English:

1. Ці ходові споживчі товари виробляються в Україні.

2. Ці послуги надаються безкоштовно.

3. Було обговорено лише 2 питання, коли ми почули дзвінок.

4. Мені завжди давали корисні поради.

5. Що вам пояснювали, коли я зайшов?

6. Не входьте без запрошення. Зараз обговорюється дуже важливе питання.

7. На жаль нічого не було зроблено для того, щоб допомогти йому закінчити цей проект.

8. Цікаво, де надаються такі послуги?

9. Цей високоприбутковий товар буде завезено із західного регіону.

10. Коли згадали цей факт, усім стало зрозуміло, що малося на увазі.

11. Йому дали ще 3 тижні для того, щоб розробити новий продукт.

12. Коли ми приїхали в це місто, ця книга продавалася скрізь.

13. Цей продукт буде вилучено з продажу до кінця місяця.

1. He knew why he was chosen/had been chosen.

2. He was shocked/had been shocked by his boss’s attitude.

3. We are just sent/have just been sent new information.

4. Everything will be done/will have been done by the end of the week.

5. He is interviewed/is being interviewed now.

6. My application is still considered/is still being considered by the managers.

7. The letters has just been brought/have just been brought.

8. He explained that a new job was offered/had been offered to him in February.

9. She was never made/has never been made such an exciting proposal.

10. My computer is repaired/is being repaired now.

11. This cheque was signed/has been signed by the manager an hour ago.

12. Negotiations will have been held/will be held in Kyiv next week.

13. Prices for oil had been increased/have been increased again.

14. Our company was founded/has been founded in 1990.

15. Extra payments are given/are being given to employees with initiative once a month.