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Компьютеры A: I have two books. Which book do you want?
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Exercise 8:Make questions. Use whichor what.

Example: tomorrow

Exercise 5:Ask a groupmate a question. Use what + do.

Student A: What are you going to do tomorrow?

Student B: I’m going to go to a movie tomorrow.

1. last night 9. this afternoon

2. right now 10. tonight

3. next Saturday 11. yesterday

4. every day 12. tomorrow afternoon

5. yesterday afternoon 13. after class yesterday

6. this morning 14. after class today

7. last weekend 15. every morning

8.on weekends


a) What kind of shoes did you buy? Boots, running shoes, high heels.

b) What kind of fruit do you like best? Apples, bananas, grapes, oranges.

NOTE: What kind ofcan be followed by a singular count noun, a plural count noun, a noncount noun:

What kind of tree is that?

What kind of shoes are those?

What kind of fruit is that?

Exercise 6:Complete the question, using what kind of. Answer the question.

Lamb, beef, pork, chicken, duck, ham, turkey

Question: What kind of meat do you eat most often?

Answer: pork or beef or I’m a vegetarian

1. Rock music, classical music, popular music, folk music

Question: _____________________ do you like best?

Answer: __________________ .

2. a Volkswagen, a Mercedes-Benz, a Fiat, a Toyota, a Ford

Question: ______________________ would you like to have?

Answer: _______________________ .

3. Vegetables, fruit, meat, sweet food, hot food*, junk food, French food

Question: ______________________ do you like best?

Answer: ______________________ .

4. Fiction, nonfiction, biographies, science books, science fiction, love stories, history books

Question: ____________________ do you like to read?

Answer: ____________________ .

Exercise 7:Answer the questions.

1. Who has a camera? What kind of camera do you have? **

2. Who smokes cigarettes? What kind of cigarettes do you smoke?

3. What kind of government does you country have?

4. What kind of job would you like to have?

5. What kind of person would you like to marry?

6. Who is wearing a watch? What kind of watch do you have?

7. What kind of shoes are you wearing?

* Hot foodcan mean spicy food.

**When a question with what kind ofinvolves manufactured products, the answer may either the name a particular brand or describe the product’s qualities.

A: What kind of car do you have? A: What kind of car do you have?

B: A Ford. B: A four-door station wagon.


Tom: May I borrow a pen from you? Ann: Sure. I have two pens. This pen has black ink. That pen has red ink. Whichpen do you want? Tom: That one. Thanks. Ann uses which(not what) because she wants Tom to choose. Whichis used when the speaker wants someone to make a choice, when the speaker is offering alternatives.
Sue: I like these earrings and I like those earrings. Bob: Whichearrings are you going to buy? Sue: I think I’ll get these. Whichis used with either singular or plural nouns.

B: That one.

2.A: What did you buy when you went shopping?

B: A book.

3.A: Could I borrow your pen for a minute?

B: Sure. I have two. ________________________

A: That one. (I would like that one).

4.A: ______________________________________

B: A pen. (Chris borrowed a pen from me).

5. A: Do you like this tie?

B: Yes.

A: Do you like that tie?

B: It’s okay.

A: _____________________________________

B: This one. (I’m going to buy this one).

6. A: _______________________________________

B: A tie. (Tony got a tie when he went shopping).

7. A: These shoes are comfortable, but so are those shoes. ___________

_________ I can’t decide.

B: These. (You should buy these shoes).

8. A: There are flights to Atlanta at 7:30 a.m. and 8:40 a.m. __________

B: The 7:30 flight. (I’m going to take the 7:30 flight).

9. A: _________________________________________

B: Fast. (The meaning of rapid is fast).

10. A: _________________________________________

B: Very big. (Huge means very big).

11.A: Would you please hand me a sharp knife?

B: I’d be happy to. _________________ ________

A: That one.

12. A: Are you a student in the English program?

B: Yes, I am.

A: ________________________________________

B: The beginning class. (I’m in the beginning class).

13. A: Did you enjoy your trip to Europe?

B: Yes, I did. Very much.

A: _________________________________________

B: I visited France, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

A: __________________________________________

B: Spain, (I enjoyed visiting Spain the most).


How did you get here? I drove./ by car I took a taxi/ by taxi I took a bus/ by bus I flew/ by plane I took a train/ by train I walked/ on foot
How old are you? Twenty-one How tall is he? About 6 feet How big is your apartment? It has three rooms How sleepy are you? Very sleepy How hungry are you? I’m starving How soon will you be ready to leave? In five minutes How well does she speak English? Very well How quickly can you get here? I can get here in thirty minutes