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Компьютеры Ex.2.6. Translate from Russian into English.
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Ex.2.5. Replace the underlined words with words from Vocabulary List I with a similar meaning.

Ex.2.4. Fill the gaps with necessary prepositions and translate the sentences into Russian. Consult Vocabulary List I and Ex.2.2.

Ex.2.3. Fill the gaps with missing words and translate the sentences into Russian.

1) He ____________ to comment on the proposals.

2) The ____________ of the crew is five Englishmen, two Americans, and an Australian.

3) I can’t decide which wine to have – you ____________.

4) His latest film doesn’t ____________ his previous ones.

5) He was deaf to her _____________.

6) She keeps _____________ ____ going to the dentist.

7) Her influence _____________ after she lost the election.

8) He gave the ball a terrific ____________.

9) You won’t have him change his behaviour at his age; it’s in his __________.

10) He was very good at tennis, but he met his ____________ when he played the champion.

11) We expect the differences in their educational attainment to gradually _____________ _____.

12) We had to ___________ our wedding ____ until September.

13) The union hasn’t much ___________ with the government.

14) When students successfully complete their university courses in the US and UK, they earn a bachelor’s ______________. Students who want to continue studying after they graduate from university can get a higher ____________ such as a _____________.

1) Manufacturing output is _____ decline.

2) Its massive export earnings give the company a lot of clout ____ the government.

3) The industry fell _____ a decline.

4) To do the job, you must have a degree ____ chemistry.

5) My car does about 12 miles ____ litre.

6) The children’s ages range _____ 5 _____ 15.

7) The whole workforce has gone _____ strike.

8) These apples cost 40 pence ____ pound.

9) He cut loose ______ his family.

10) The number of robberies in the area is _____ the decline.

11) We receive 20 letters a day ____ average.

12) How much beer will they drink ____ head?

1) She has a lot of influence over her boss.

2) Our sales are decreasing.

3) The influence of the press and television is really great nowadays.

4) The charity made an urgent request for more money.

5) The company has been exerting pressure on me to get another qualification.

6) I’ll have to postpone my visit until next months.

7) Jealousy is not part of his character.

8) The plane stopped gaining height at 20,000 feet.

9) There has been a slight reduction in the price of food this month.

10) I think putting on a lot of powder and paint is suitable only on the stage.

11) He thought he could beat anyone at golf, but he met his equal in Peter.

12) The voters made a choice in favour of higher taxes rather than any reduction in services.

1. Он изобрёл достаточное количество успокоительных средств, чтобы держать в своих руках контроль над всœей фармакологической промышленностью. 2. Она – самореализовавшийся учёный, кандидат наук. Он провёл много лет в одиночном заключении. Её друзья считают, что они не очень подходят друг другу. 3. Уровень инфляции стабилизировался. Общее снижение цен способствовало росту влияния правительства. 4. Зависть ей не свойственна. 5. Он не смог выполнить своё обещание: свадьбу пришлось отложить. 6. Ему приходилось выбирать между мольбой о прощении и немедленной смертью. Он выбрал первое. 7. Мечта встретить достойного противника по теннису стала его навязчивой идеей год назад. Теперь она осуществилась: вчера Питер у него выиграл.

Ex.2.7. Underline the correct –ed or –ing adjectives in the following text.

SCHOOL REPORT SHOCKS PARENTS Teachers are finding it increasingly difficult to control classes of young pupils, says a report published yesterday. The evidence from the 100 schools which were involved in the study is not encouraged/encouraging (1). The report paints a depressing/ depressed (2) picture of schools up and down the country, with teachers feeling disappointed/disppointing (3) not only by students’ results in tests but by the worrying/worried (4) increase in violent behaviour in class and in the playground. ‘I am worn out at the end of the day; my job is exhausted/exhausting (5), I can tell you,’ complained one teacher. One of the most disturbed/disturbing (6) revelations is the use of drugs by youngsters. Although teachers were not totally surprised/surprising (7) by the findings, parents are worrying/worried (8); some even described the report as shocked/shocking (9) and demanded immediate action. Pupils who were asked to comment on the report said they found school uninterested/uninteresting (10); they blamed teachers for teaching boring/bored (11) lessons. The report is particularly embarrassed/embarrassing (12) for the Minister of Education who claimed recently that British education is ‘the best in the world’.

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