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История Attention
просмотров - 695



1. §Ј§а §У§в§Ц§Ю§с §а§Т§Ь§С§д§Ь§Ъ §Щ§С§б§в§Ц§л§С§Ц§д§г§с §б§а§Э§Я§а§Ц §а§д§Ь§в§н§д§Ъ§Ц §С§Ь§г§Ц§Э§Ц§в§С§д§а§в§С.

2. §±§Ц§в§Ц§Ь§Э§р§й§С§Ы§д§Ц §б§Ц§в§Ц§Х§С§й§Ъ §б§а §Ь§в§е§Ф§е.

3. §Ї§Ц §Ъ§г§б§а§Э§о§Щ§е§Ы§д§Ц §Ю§а§д§а§и§Ъ§Ь§Э §г §Щ§С§ж§Ъ§Ь§г§Ъ§в§а§У§С§Я§Я§н§Ю §С§Ь§г§Ц§Э§Ц§в§С§д§а§в§а§Ю.

4. §Ї§Ц §б§в§Ц§У§н§к§С§Ы§д§Ц §Ю§С§Ь§г§Ъ§Ю§С§Э§о§Я§е§р §Щ§С§Ф§в§е§Щ§Ь§е.

5. §©§С§Ю§Ц§Я§Ъ§д§Ц §Ю§а§д§а§в§Я§а§Ц §Ю§С§г§Э§а §д§в§Ъ §в§С§Щ§С.

[Operation mode of run-in time]

1. 0-300km:

§Ў§Ь§г§Ц§Э§Ц§в§С§д§а§в §Я§Ц §Х§а§Э§Ш§Ц§Я §а§д§Ь§в§н§У§С§д§о§г§с §Т§а§Э§Ц§Ц §й§Ц§Ю §Я§С 1/2, §а§г§д§С§Я§С§У§Э§Ъ§У§С§Ы§д§Ц§г§о §Ь§С§Ш§Х§н§Ц 30 §Ю§Ъ§Я, §й§д§а §Т§н §Х§С§д§о §Х§У§Ъ§Ф§С§д§Ц§Э§р §а§г§д§н§д§о. §і§Ь§а§в§а§г§д§о §Я§Ц §Х§а§Э§Ш§Я§С §б§в§Ц§У§н§к§С§д§о 35km/h.

2. 300-600km:

§Ў§Ь§г§Ц§Э§Ц§в§С§д§а§в §Я§Ц §Х§а§Э§Ш§Ц§Я §а§д§Ь§в§н§У§С§д§о§г§с §Т§а§Э§Ц§Ц §й§Ц§Ю §Я§С 2/3, §г§Ь§а§в§а§г§д§о §Я§Ц §Х§а§Э§Ш§Я§С §б§в§Ц§У§н§к§С§д§о 45km/h.

3. 600-1000km:

§Ў§Ь§г§Ц§Э§Ц§в§С§д§а§в §Я§Ц §Х§а§Э§Ш§Ц§Я §а§д§Ь§в§н§У§С§д§о§г§с §Т§а§Э§Ц§Ц §й§Ц§Ю §Я§С 3/4, §г§Ь§а§в§а§г§д§о §Я§Ц §Х§а§Э§Ш§Я§С §б§в§Ц§У§н§к§С§д§о 55km/h

[Change the engine oil three times in the run-in time]

§Ј§а §У§в§Ц§Ю§с 1000km §а§Т§Ь§С§д§Ъ §Ю§а§д§а§в§Я§а§Ц §Ю§С§г§Э§а §Я§Ц§а§Т§з§а§Х§Ъ§Ю§а §Щ§С§Ю§Ц§Я§Ъ§д§о §д§в§Ъ §в§С§Щ§С (300km, 600km, 1000km),§Х§С§Э§Ц§Ц §Ю§а§д§а§в§Я§а§Ц §Ю§С§г§Э§а §Я§Ц§а§Т§з§а§Х§Ъ§Ю§а §Ю§Ц§Я§с§д§о §Ь§С§Ш§Х§н§Ц 1500km.

§І§Ц§Ь§а§Ю§Ц§Я§Х§е§Ц§Ю§а§Ц §Ю§а§д§а§в§Я§а§Ц §Ю§С§г§Э§а: 15W/40SF §Ъ§Э§Ъ §Т§а§Э§Ц§Ц §У§н§г§а§Ь§а§Ф§а §Ь§С§й§Ц§г§д§У§С.

1. §Ґ§У§Ъ§Ф§С§д§Ц§Э§о §Х§а§Э§Ш§Ц§Я §Т§н§д§о §в§С§Щ§а§Ф§в§Ц§д §У§а §У§в§Ц§Ю§с §Щ§С§Ю§Ц§Я§н §Ю§С§г§Э§С.

2. §¦§г§Э§Ъ §У§а §У§в§Ц§Ю§с §а§Т§Ь§С§д§Ь§Ъ §У§н §У§н§с§У§Ъ§Э§Ъ §Ь§С§Ь§а§Ы §д§а §г§Т§а§Ы, §б§а§Ш§С§Э§е§Ы§г§д§С §а§Т§в§С§д§Ъ§д§Ц§г§о §У §г§Ц§в§У§Ъ§г§Я§н§Ы §и§Ц§Я§д§в Jialing.

3. §®§а§д§а§и§Ъ§Ь§Э §Х§а§Э§Ш§Ц§Я §Т§н§д§о §а§г§Ю§а§д§в§Ц§Я §У §г§Ц§в§У§Ъ§г§Я§а§Ю §и§Ц§Я§д§в§Ц Jialing §б§а§г§Э§Ц §а§г§е§л§Ц§г§д§У§Э§Ц§Я§Ъ§с §а§Т§Ь§С§д§Ь§Ъ.

(2) Pre-Riding Checking

§±§а§Ш§С§Э§е§Ы§г§д§С, §б§в§а§У§Ц§в§о§д§Ц §Ю§а§д§а§и§Ъ§Ь§Э §б§Ц§в§Ц§Х §Ъ§г§б§а§Э§о§Щ§а§У§С§Я§Ъ§Ц§Ю. §ї§д§а §Я§Ц§а§Т§з§а§Х§Ъ§Ю§а §Х§Э§с §У§С§к§Ц§Ы §Т§Ц§Щ§а§б§С§г§Я§а§г§д§Ъ. §¦§г§Э§Ъ §Т§н§Э§Ъ §а§Т§Я§С§в§е§Ш§Ц§Я§н, §Ь§С§Ь§Ъ§Ц-§д§а §Я§Ц§Ъ§г§б§в§С§У§Я§а§г§д§Ъ §Я§Ъ §У §Ь§а§Ц§Ю §г§Э§е§й§С§Ц §Я§Ц §б§а§Э§о§Щ§е§Ы§д§Ц§г§о §Ю§а§д§а§и§Ъ§Ь§Э§а§Ю §Х§а §Ъ§з §е§г§д§в§С§Я§Ц§Я§Ъ§с. §±§в§а§У§Ц§в§Ь§С §Ю§а§д§а§и§Ъ§Ь§Э§С §У§н§б§а§Э§Я§с§Ц§д§г§с §г§Э§Ц§Х§е§р§л§Ъ§Ю §а§Т§в§С§Щ§а§Ю:

1. §±§в§а§У§Ц§в§о§д§Ц §е§в§а§У§Ц§Я§о §Ю§С§г§Э§С §У §Х§У§Ъ§Ф§С§д§Ц§Э§Ц.

2. §±§в§а§У§Ц§в§Ъ§д§о §е§в§а§У§Ц§Я§о §д§а§б§Э§Ъ§У§С.

3. §±§в§а§У§Ц§в§Ъ§д§о §б§Ц§в§Ц§Х§Я§Ъ§Ц §Ъ §Щ§С§Х§Я§Ъ§Ц §д§а§в§Ю§а§Щ§С: §б§в§а§У§Ц§в§Ъ§д§о §в§С§Т§а§д§а§г§б§а§г§а§Т§Я§а§г§д§о, §Я§С§г§д§в§а§Ъ§д§о §г§У§а§Т§а§Х§Я§н§Ы §з§а§Х (§б§Ц§в§Ц§Х§Я§Ъ§Ц:10-15mm; §Щ§С§Х§Я§Ъ§Ц:10-15mm)

4. §±§в§а§У§Ц§в§Ъ§д§о §к§Ъ§Я§н: §б§в§а§У§Ц§в§Ъ§д§о §Х§С§У§Э§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ц, §Ъ§Щ§Я§а§г §Ъ §б§а§У§в§Ц§Ш§Х§Ц§Я§Ъ§с.

5. §±§в§а§У§Ц§в§Ъ§д§о §Я§С§д§с§Ш§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ц §и§Ц§б§Ъ §Ъ §Ц§Ц §г§Ю§С§Щ§Ь§е.

6. §±§в§а§У§Ц§в§о§д§Ц §г§У§а§Т§а§Х§Я§н§Ы §з§а§Х §в§е§й§Ь§Ъ §С§Ь§г§Ц§Э§Ц§в§С§д§а§в§С (2-6mm), Fuel or oil is easy to operate.

7. §±§в§а§У§Ц§в§о§д§Ц §й§д§а §Ф§а§Э§а§У§Я§а§Ы §г§У§Ц§д, §б§а§У§а§в§а§д§Я§Ъ§Ь§Ъ, §Щ§С§Х§Я§Ъ§Ы §г§У§Ц§д §Ъ §Щ§У§е§Ь§а§У§а§Ы §г§Ъ§Ф§Я§С§Э §в§С§Т§а§д§С§р§д §Х§а§Э§Ш§Я§н§Ю §а§Т§в§С§Щ§а§Ю.

8. §±§в§а§У§Ц§в§о§д§Ц §в§е§Э§о. §°§Я §Х§а§Э§Ш§Ц§Я §Т§н§д§о §е§г§д§а§Ы§й§Ъ§У§н§Ю §Ъ §Э§Ц§Ф§Ь§а §е§б§в§С§У§Э§с§д§о§г§с. §Ї§Ц §Х§а§Э§Ш§Я§а §Т§н§д§о §а§г§Ц§У§а§Ф§а §г§Ю§Ц§л§Ц§Я§Ъ§с.

9. §±§в§а§У§Ц§в§о§д§Ц §б§Ц§в§Ц§Х§Я§Ъ§Ц §Ъ §Щ§С§Х§Я§Ъ§Ц §С§Ю§а§в§д§Ъ§Щ§С§д§а§в§н, §а§г§Ъ §Ь§а§Э§Ц§г, §Ь§в§Ц§б§Э§Ц§Я§Ъ§с §Х§У§Ъ§Ф§С§д§Ц§Э§с, §в§е§Э§Ц§У§а§Ц §е§б§в§С§У§Э§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ц, §г§и§Ц§б§Э§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ц, §д§а§в§Ю§а§Щ§С, §Ю§С§с§д§Я§Ъ§Ь §Ъ §п§Э§Ц§Ь§д§в§Ъ§й§Ц§г§Ь§е§р §г§Ъ§г§д§Ц§Ю§е

(3) Starting Engine

1. §Ї§Ъ§Ь§а§Ф§Х§С §Я§Ц §Щ§С§б§е§г§Ь§С§Ы§д§Ц §Х§У§Ъ§Ф§С§д§Ц§Э§о §У §Щ§С§Ь§в§н§д§а§Ю §б§а§Ю§Ц§л§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ъ.

2. §Ї§Ъ§Ь§а§Ф§Х§С §Я§Ц §Щ§С§б§е§г§Ь§С§Ы§д§Ц §Х§У§Ъ§Ф§С§д§Ц§Э§о, §Ь§а§Ф§Х§С §а§д§г§а§Ц§Х§Ъ§Я§Ц§Я §д§в§а§г§Ъ§Ь §г§и§Ц§б§Э§Ц§Я§Ъ§с. §ї§д§а §б§в§Ъ§У§Ц§Х§Ц§д §Ь §б§а§Э§а§Ю§Ь§Ц §Х§У§Ъ§Ф§С§д§Ц§Э§с §Ъ §а§й§Ц§Я§о §а§б§С§г§Я§а.

3. §Ї§Ъ§Ь§а§Ф§Х§С §Я§Ц §Щ§С§б§е§г§Ь§С§Ы§д§Ц §Х§У§Ъ§Ф§С§д§Ц§Э§о §Ц§г§Э§Ъ §а§д§г§е§д§г§д§У§е§Ц§д §д§а§б§Э§Ъ§У§а §Ъ§Э§Ъ §Ю§С§г§Э§а.

[Prepared before starter]

1. Open the switch of start. The switch of start whirl Ў° Ў±position.

2. Pack up side stand completely.

3. §Ј§Ь§Э§р§й§Ъ§д§Ц §Я§Ц§Ы§д§в§С§Э§о§Я§е§р §б§Ц§в§Ц§Х§С§й§е.

4. §Ј§а§Щ§о§Ю§Ъ§д§Ц§г§о §б§в§С§У§а§Ы §в§е§Ь§а§Ы §Щ§С §в§е§й§Ь§е §б§Ц§в§Ц§Х§Я§Ц§Ф§а §д§а§в§Ю§а§Щ§С §Ъ§Э§Ъ §б§а§г§д§С§У§о§д§Ц §б§в§С§У§е§р §Я§а§Ф§е §Я§С §б§Ц§Х§С§Э§о §Щ§С§Х§Я§Ц§Ф§а §д§а§в§Ю§а§Щ§С.

5. §І§С§г§б§а§Э§а§Ш§Ъ§д§Ц §Э§Ц§У§е§р §в§е§Ь§е §Я§С §в§е§й§Ь§Ц §г§и§Ц§б§Э§Ц§Я§Ъ§с.

§±§а§Х§Ф§а§д§а§У§Ь§С §Ь §г§д§С§в§д§е §Щ§С§У§Ц§в§к§Ц§Я§С.

[Engine starting]

After "Prepared before starter", Press the electric starting buttonЎ° Ў±, meanwhile spin accelerator, starter over.

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