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Иностранные языки Read the following texts and fill in each gap with a suitable word from the box.
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C) Read the text again and compare your list of advantages with the list of advantages mentioned in the text.

B) Now read the following text and fill in the gaps with a suitable word from the box.

A) Think of pluses of studying engineering and write down the list of advantages.

Check the knowledge of active vocabulary from this module with the help of


Part II

1. WHY STUDY ENGINEERING?(adapted from

level industry manufacture experience knowledge engineer progress design systems everyday career key qualification

Engineering is the way of realization of technological (1) __________ . Engineers and engineering make a major impact in (2) __________ lives of most of us. Engineering qualifications and (3) __________ are a foundation for many different careers.

Nowadays we can talk about engineering ‘globalization’. In many engineering activities we see a new kind of challenge emerging – international business structures. Research and development (R&D) can take place in one location; materials and subassemblies can be taken from several locations worldwide; (4) __________ can take place in areas located far from R&D and raw material supply; and final markets can be anywhere. The skill of an engineer in designing information (5) __________ and configuring operational technology determines how all this fits together competitively and profitably. It means that an (6) __________ can face the challenge of coping with multi-location, multi-cultural relationships at a very early stage of a (7) __________ .

Engineers have been at the forefront of turning time into a distinguishing feature of the product creation process. With a faster and more even distribution of ‘know-what’ and ‘know-how’ the difference between success and failure can depend on speed-to-market. This requires a high (8) __________ of engineering (9) __________ and skill in operational system (10) __________ and supply chain management to achieve what is commonly termed “time compression”.

Engineers have often found themselves in (11) __________ positions in (12) __________ and manufacturing and are able to earn high salary that depends on experience and (13) __________ .


Science and Engineering

engineering science travel technology natural

People seek (1) __________ , engineering and (2) __________ courses for many reasons. Some have specific goals: they wish to cure diseases or combat hunger or reduce pollution; or they dream of developing the next laser, transistor, or vehicle for space (3) __________; or they imagine building companies that capitalize on new engineering capabilities. Some choose careers in science or (4) __________ because they are curious about the (5) __________ world. Others are motivated by the excitement and beauty of the intellectual world.

Engineering Students in the UK

students engineering managed improve levels course qualification

According to figures published by the Higher Education Funding Council for England, UK universities are among the best in the world. This high success rate is due to the following facts: the university selection process is carefully (6) __________ to ensure the right students are matched to the right degree (7) __________ ; much of the teaching is in small groups that ensures high (8) __________ of individual attention.

There are a number of advantages of studying (9) __________ in the UK, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level. The education that students receive is of a very high standard, and a professional engineering (10) __________ from the UK is accepted and recognised internationally. International students also have an opportunity to develop and (11) __________ their working and spoken English skills, and to experience British culture. The universities and professional engineering institutions are structured to give help and support to international (12) __________ .

management civil Diploma specialize courses engineers skills

The universities offer a huge variety of engineering courses. They may be in one of the main disciplines, such as (13) __________ , mechanical and electrical engineering, or in a specific sub-discipline of engineering, such as aerospace or automotive. A modular course is suitable for students who do not want to (14) __________ too early, or who want freedom to combine study in specific areas of engineering. In addition, many UK universities now include 'soft' business (15) __________ into the curriculum. These are becoming an essential part of most jobs, and include economics, (16) __________ , communication and accountancy modules.

Some years ago, the professional engineering institutions set up a (17) __________ in Engineering Management. This has been transformed into a series of (18) __________ , which let the student to get an MBA, MSc or Doctorate in Engineering Management. This is ideal for leading research (19) __________ who aim at key managerial positions in industry.

International Engineering Students in the UK

process apply applicantsstudy part-time solved experience partnerships level students

Many university courses now involve (20) __________in continental Europe. The MEng course at Bristol University, for example, has set up exchange (21) __________with France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands. The university also runs an aerospace integrated graduate development (IGDS) scheme, a modular programme that can be done as individual short courses or combined to form part of a Masters degree. International (22) __________must have three-to-five years of postgraduate experience and a suitable (23) __________ of English. Delegates on current courses come from South Korea, Australia, Indonesia, South Africa, Singapore and other EU countries.

In the UK, work (24) __________ is now considered an important part of the learning (25) __________ . The British Government has recently introduced a number of changes designed to make it easier for international students to combine study with work during term time and vacations. This was a part of a plan to increase the number of foreign (26) __________in the UK. The problems with payments and visa arrangements have been /and are being/ (27) __________ . Now international students can work (28) __________ while studying or during vacation. It is important to remember that international students who (29) __________ for a visa to the UK must have money to be able to support themselves. Paid work that is carried out as part of the higher or further education is taken into account in such calculations.

The UK scholarships, grants and other awards

apply students practical three money country contact financial details course universities

The UK government and other UK organizations provide a number of scholarships and awards to help international (30) __________ , but these tend to be limited. Most grant makers in the UK have strict rules about whom they will and will not give (31) __________ . An offer at a UK university does not automatically mean you will get a grant. International students are advised to (32) __________ the Ministry of Education or Education Department in their own country first.

The British Council can provide (33) __________ of different scholarship schemes offered by the UK government, and by academic departments at colleges and (34) __________ .

There are also a small number of charitable trusts that offer limited (35) __________ support. This allows students to register for a related higher degree. European funding is also available under the European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students - the Socrates Erasmus Scheme. All UK universities and every (36) __________in Europe (apart from Switzerland) are part of the scheme. Students, who have completed their (37) __________ but want to stay on for (38) __________ training, workexperience or a graduate training programme in the UK, may do so under the Training and Work Experience Scheme (TWES). According to this scheme employers may (39) __________ for a permission to employ a person, usually for a maximum of (40) __________years.

Now read the text again and decide if the following sentences (1-12) are true (T) or false (F):

Different factors influence the choice of a course. T F
Studying in small groups produces better results. T F
Students from abroad may not only study Engineering in the UK but also improve their English. T F
Students in the UK have a very little choice of courses. T F
Nowadays all students in the UK study the course on ‘soft’ business skills. T F
Getting a Diploma in Engineering management helps to become a Top manager. T F
The knowledge of English is not important for students who want to apply for a Master Degree. T F
Students who want a Master Degree must have work experience. T F
The British government is not interested in international students. T F
It is important for international students to have enough money to live and study in the UK. T F
Every international student in the UK gets a grant. T F
A person who completed the course can’t stay in the UK to work for more then 3 years. T F

3. CHOOSING A COURSE IN THE UK (adapted from

Read the following text and fill in the gaps with a suitable word from the box:

experience special carefully course part-time assessment interested problems answer information international

Are you thinking of coming to the UK to study? Then you must have got lots of questions that need to get answers. First of all, before choosing a (1) __________ , you should think of the fact whether you’re (2) __________ in the subject or not. Although a good degree is always important, there is a number of things you should think (3) __________ about in advance of your trip overseas. So get reading! :

1. Compare the content of courses & the style of learning offered at each institution. Sometimes degree & courses with the same name may be very different at each university or college.

2. Does a university offer any kind of work (4) __________ as part of the course (if that is important to you)?

3. How many students get relevant jobs at the end of the course? Some universities list their statistics on their websites.

4. Compare the quality (5) __________ reports for research & teaching in Higher Education universities & colleges at the Quality Assurance Agency - HEFCE (Higher Education Funding Council for England), Scottish Higher Education Funding Council, Welsh Funding Councils. This may be useful in choosing between universities.

5. Find out about social issues, including the range of social, sports & cultural activities, the cost of living, whether the university is on a campus outside of any town or based in a city and the geography of local region may all be important to you in your decision. There are some publications which grade universities according to students' views, which you may find in your local library, careers office & in British Council offices, if you are an international student. It is always helpful if you can visit the universities you are interested in. Look out for or ask about Open Days when staff & students will be available to (6) __________ any questions.

6. If you are disabled person, there is (7) __________ information available at websites of colleges & universities.

7. Are there any services for student’s support (such as Students’ Counsel, health & childcare support)? Student services staff in universities & colleges will also provide (8) __________ & support in helping you make decisions about choosing your courses or dealing with any questions you may have.

8. Would you like to work (9) __________ while you are studying and is it possible with the university?

9. Is there any support for (10) __________ students? If you are bringing a family with you, or want to meet with other international students, or need any language help, perhaps before you start your course, you should find out in advance what support there is for international student & their families from the university or college. Most universities and some FE colleges have International Officers to give you advice & information & help with any (11) __________ you may have.

Now read the text again and decide if the following sentences (1-5) are true (T) or false (F):

Courses in different universities in the UK that have one and the same name always teach one and the same disciplines. T F
There are special organizations in the UK that assess different universities and rate them in order of quality of education. T F
If you have serious health problems you can find special information about the process of study for you on website of a university. T F
Each university gives permission to students to work part-time while they are studying. T F
There is not any organization in the UK universities that help international applicants and students. T F

Part III

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