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Иностранные языки A) Invest in new cards.
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Ex.11. Read the text and translate it into Ukrainian.

Ex.10. Combine two parts logically to make complete sentences.

Many important contacts and business card exchanges can a network and exchange business cards.
The best method of keeping your cards in neat form is b your new contact.
Informal meetings are one of the best times to c should wait for them to offer their card to you first.
If the person you are speaking with seems interested in your product or service you represent, d front counter for business cards to be posted.
When accepting a business card, have a good e business card from them.
Only give one business card to f your back pocket.
When you first meet someone, it's ok to request a g take place in the most unlikely places.
If the person is of a higher position than yourself, you h offer that person a business card.
Never place the card in a wallet that will be put in i a business card case.
Local restaurants often hang a bulletin board near the j look at it for a few seconds.

Forgetting your business card is a social faux pas."Sorry, all my business cards are at the office..." Those could be the "famous last words" of the forgetful entrepreneur.

If you habitually find yourself without a business card, you're habitually losing money; or at least the chance of making money. Your business card, more than any other marketing weapon in your arsenal, is what prospects and colleagues rely upon to remind them why they should do business with you.

Forgetting a business card is a marketing mistake of significant proportions. We're so inundated with advertising messages that most of us learn to tune them out. Yet every time you're asked for a business card, and sheepishly reply that you don't have one with you, you're missing an invitation to market to someone.

Being asked for a business card is a compliment. Not having one with you at that critical moment is subtly offensive. It puts both you and the person requesting the card in an embarrassing situation. And it nonverbally tells your prospect that you're not quite the business person they thought. You're not really serious about your business, or too careless and forgetful to be entrusted with theirs.

If you're determined not to be caught cardless again, here are some tips to help you remember:

If you haven't ordered business cards within the past two years, there's a good chance that the information or photo is out of date by now. And if your last order was for 1000 cards and there are still 990 cards left, ask yourself why you haven't been passing them out. If it's because you dislike the cards, pitch them and get business cards you're proud of!