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Иностранные языки Ex.12. Read the text and complete the organizational chart of the company.
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Ex.11. Complete the following dialogues.

1) A So, who do you work _____?

B WordStar.

A They’re _____ computers, aren’t they?

B That’s right. I’m _____ product manager. What about you?

A I work _____ Bechtel.

B So you’re _____ the construction business?

A Yes, I’m _____ engineer.

2) А So, you're here on business?

В Yeah. I work _____ a consulting company, Santa Partners.

А And what do you do?

В I'm _____ leading consultant. I’m responsible _____ providing advice and training on the development, administration, and technical aspects.And what company do you work _____ ?

А Inex Chemicals. I'm _____ analyst. My job is to coordinate quality related data from production, service, or process improvement activities.

I think we have a fairly typical organization for a manufacturing firm. We're divided into Finance, Production, Marketing and Human Resources departments.

The Human Resources department is the simplest. It consists of two sections. One is responsible for recruitment and personnel matters, the other is in charge of training.

The Marketing department is made up of three sections: Sales, Sales Promotion, and Advertising, whose heads are all accountable to the marketing manager.

The Production department consists of five sections. The first of these is Production Control, which is in charge of both Scheduling and Materials Control. Then there's Purchasing, Manufacturing, Quality Control, and Engineering Support. Manufacturing contains three sections: Tooling, Assembly, and Fabrication.

Finance is composed of two sections: Financial Management, which is responsible for capital requirements, fund control, and credit, and Accounting.

Ex.13. Read the following job descriptions, then choose the best job title from the list matching each job description.

1. My job is to look after the employees of the company. I am responsible for recruitment and staff training, and also deal with problems related to pay, pensions, promotion, and so on.

2. I’m responsible for sales. I’m in charge of a number of salespeople. I also help to devise the company’s advertising policy, together with the marketing department.

3. I organize the managing director’s appointments, make the arrangements for his meetings and business trips, answer the telephone and greet his visitors. I do some typing – letters, reports, and things like that.

4. I’m on the front desk, greeting visitors, receiving deliveries, and also I answer the telephone.

5. I keep the company’s books. This means records of sales income, expenditure, taxes and so on. I’m also in charge of payroll.

6. I do PR for my company, which involves dealing with the press as well as members of the public. I prepare press releases about things that we are doing, new products, special deals and so on.

7. I take overall responsibility for the company’s accounts, and control money coming in and going out of the company.

8. I am in charge of buying the required items for my company. My aim is to get the best possible deal, so I constantly look for new suppliers and technologies.

9. I help to develop the IT skills of employees. My job is to teach basic PC skills and show people how to use different software packages.

10. I work with computers. I am responsible for installing and repairing hardware and maintaining databases for our company’s applications.

Receptionist; IT Specialist; Sales Manager; PA to the MD; IT Trainer; External Relations Director; Finance Director; Accountant; Personnel Manager; Purchasing Manager.

Ex.14. Look at these words which are often found in job titles.

Senior Sales Director
Assistant Managing Manager
Vice Personnel Assistant
Deputy Marketing Accountant
Executive Human Resources Development Officer
Personal Financial Controller
Chief Customer Services Executive
Head of Accounts Secretary
Director of IT Technician
Assistant to Public relations Advisor

These words can be combined in different ways to describe different jobs:

Personal Assistant to the Managing Director

Senior Sales Executive

Sales Assistant

Customer Services Manager

Personnel Officer

Head of Human Resources Development

Ex.15. Think about a job you would like to have in the future. Practise explaining your “job” to a visitor or a new colleague. Use the following notes:

I work for __________.

I’m the/a __________.

I’m responsible for __________.

I’m in charge of __________.