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Иностранные языки Ex.2. Read the words in the following groups. Pay attention to the word stress.
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Ex.1. Practice reading the following words.

A. Reading drills



The ideas of economists and political philosophers, both when they are right and when they are wrong, are more powerful than is commonly understood.

John Maynard Keynes (1883 – 1946),

a British economist

1. The dictionary defines economics as “the study of the production of wealth and the consumption of goods and services in a society”. List five economic issues relating to production and consumption that your national or local government has to deal with today.

2. Why do you think everyone should understand basic economics?

tion [ʃn]: action, nation, station, dictation, translation, position, condition

ssion, ssian [ʃ(ə)n]: session, expression, impression, permission, Prussian, Russian

cia[ʃə], cean[ʃ(ə)n]: ocean, special, especially, official, politician, musician, social

a [a:]перед ss, sk, sp, st, ns, nd, nt, ft, th, nce:class, glass, grass, pass; after, craft, raft, daft; ask, task, answer, father, rather, bath, path; fast, faster, last, past, master, castle, can't; gasp, grasp; command, demand, plant, grant; chance, dance, glance, France.

a) words with the stress on the first syllable:

answer, numbers, household, human, market, concept, actually, services, product, produce (n), surplus, previous, limit, object (n), purchase, action, labour, labourer, capital, enterprise, timber, profit, business, scarcity, satisfy, constitute, income, option, benefit, equity, issue;

b) words withthe stress on the second syllable:

economy, economist, accept, resources, statistics, specifically, behaviour, endeavour, defence, invisible, amount, variety, sufficient, incentive, produce (v), abandon, interpret, production, tentative, explain, decision, desire, consume, consumer, consumption, activity, object (v), attempt, perform, except, combine, reward, machinery, available, unlimited;

c) polysyllabic words with the main and secondary stress:

administration, availability, economics, economic, economical, economically, complicated, constitution, constitutional, constitutionally, publication, comprehensive, influential, insufficient, definition, distribution, individual, satisfaction, satisfactory, unemployment, microeconomics, macroeconomics.