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Иностранные языки Ex.3. Match these well-known company names with their activities. Use these words in sentences to describe what different companies do.
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Ex.2. Fill in the blanks with the correct noun or verb from the above table.

Ex.1. Fill in the tables below with the different word forms.

A Describing companies



Verb (describing an activity) Noun (for the company that is involved in this activity) Noun (for the activity or sector that a company is involved in)
to manufacture Manufacturer manufacture/manufacturing
to export export
to distribute
to provide provision
to retail retail/retailing
to manage
insurer insurance
to market marketing company, marketer (less frequent)
to sell by wholesale/by the gross/in bulk wholesale/wholesaling

1. (manufacture) The company is a car ____________ in the USA.

2. (retail) Chopard is in the jewellery ____________ business.

3. (import) Europacific Ltd ____________ European shoes into Asian countries.

4. (export) This company is an ____________ of men’s sportswear.

5. (design) Our company is a leading website ____________ .

6. (publish) He works for the company that ____________ reference books.

7. (distribute) European __________ is handled from our centre in the Netherlands.

8. (manage) ____________ consulting is aimed at helping organizations improve their performance.

9. (market) She works in sales and ____________ .

10. ( insure) Allianz is the world’s number two ____________ .