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Иностранные языки Rewrite the sentences into Past Simple. Change the adverbs if necessary (consult the table of irregular verbs using the appendix).
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Open the brackets and put the verbs into Past Simple, Present Simple, or Present Perfect.

Rewrite the sentences, using Present Perfect.

Note:Present Perfect is used 1) for actions which happened at an unstated time in the past (e.g. He has sold his car. – When? We don’t know.)

2) to express actions which have finished so recently that there’s evidence in the present (e.g. He has just painted the room. – The paint is wet.)

3) for actions which started in the past and continue up to the present (e.g. She has lived in this house for two years. – She still lives in this house.)

Use the following adverbs and expressions in the sentences in the Present Perfect Tense : just, ever, never, already, yet, for, since, today, this week/ month/ year, once/ twice/ several times etc.

Example: I am in Poltava now. – I have been to Poltava twice.

1. I live in Ukraine now.

2. I visited Ghernihiv last year.

3. I am watching a new film, “Taras Bulba”.

4. I study the Ukrainian Language and Literature.

5. I finished reading this book yesterday.

6. I am not doing my homework now.

7. We were in the Gorky Park two days ago.

8. They are studying the map of Ukraine now.

9. He showed me two historical monuments yesterday.

10. I don’t like travelling.

5. Put the following sentences in negative and interrogative forms:

Example: I have just finished my homework.

I haven’t finished my homework yet.

Have you finished your homework?

1. I have already posted the letters.

2. They have known Ann since September.

3. She has gone to London.

4. He has just passed his driving test.

5. I have seen this film twice.

6. We have done our work this week.

7. He has been at school for two years already.

8. She has recently got a new job.

9. They have just left.

10. We have been in Rome for three weeks now.

1) Ukrainian scientists (to make) their contribution into the development of space explorations.

2) Ukrainian industrial enterprises (to produce) planes, turbines, different kinds of machines and equipment.

3) We (to go) to Chernihiv last year.

4) The criminal situation in Ukraine (to change) for the worst recently.

5) Ukrainian sportsmen always (to show) excellent and good results at national, international and world competitions.

6) The first woman writer who (to appear) in Ukrainian literature was Marko Vovchok.

7) Ivan Kotlyarevsky (to turn) ancient Greek characters into Ukrainian Cossacks.

8) Like most European nations Ukraine (to see) the New Year in on December, 31.

9) On Christmas mothers of the family (to cook) a traditional Ukrainian Christmas dish “Kutya”.

10) Most Ukrainian people (to enjoy) holidays both old and new because they are good breaks in everyday work.

1) The Cossacks defend Ukrainian people and land.

2) Some people buy newspapers and magazines every day.

3) The population of cities constantly grows.

4) Many people like to go to church to listen to Christmas sermons.

5) All the main rivers of Ukraine are full of fish but they suffer from pollution.

6) In his work “The Kaidash Family” the novelist Ivan Netchuy-Levytsky draws the true picture of the village life.

7) Millions of people all over the world watch the Olympic events on TV.

8) Different literary movements quickly change each other.

9) Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian form the East Slavic group of languages.

10) The key figure of the Ukrainian music is Mykola Lysenko.