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Иностранные языки VIII. Answer the following questions in your own words
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VII. Choose the correct word

VI. Choose the correct, most natural-sounding responses according to the context of the conversation

You: Could I get another _____________, please? I'm a little cold.

a). Coke b). blanket c). magazine

Flight attendant: Certainly, sir. Would you like a pillow as well?

You: No, thanks. But could you please bring me a ________________?

a). Coke b). liquid c). soft

Flight attendant: Sure, would you like ice in that?

You: Yes, please... Oh! Could you also lend me a pen to ________________ this immigration form?

a). write b). fill out c). make

Flight attendant: I don't have one on me right now, but I'll get one for you.

(The flight attendant comes back with your drink and a pen)

You: Thanks. Do you know when we will we be ________________?

a). landing b). on land c). grounding

Flight attendant: In about 2 hours.

You: What's the ________________ in Seattle right now?

a). degrees b). hot c). temperature

Flight attendant: I'm not sure... I'll check with the pilot.

1. The plane circled over the airport until the ________was clear.

a) highway b) landing c) runway d) terminal

2. All flights in and out of the airport came to a _________because of the strike.

a) closure b) conclusion c) standstill d) stoppage

3. If you carry too much luggage, the airline will charge an _________baggage fee.

a) additional b) excess c) extra d) over

4. British Airways __________the departure of Flight 222 to Warsaw.

a) advertise b) advise c) announce d) notice

5. When you get to the airport, your luggage will have to be __________

a) balanced b) estimated c) sealed d) weighed

6. Because of the fog, our flight was _________from Heathrow to York Airport.

a) deflected b) diverted c) replaced d) reverted

7. The check __________time at the airport was eight o'clock.

a) by b) in c) out d) up

8. The _______from the airport was very tiring as we had to drive through the fog.

a) crossing b) flight c) ride d) voyage

9. It's very strange but I had a(n) ________that the plane would crash.

a) intuition b) omen c) prediction d) premonition

10. The plane was __________towards the runway when the fire started.

A) heading B) landing C) sailing D) soaring

11. Nobody __________that aeroplane crash.

A) died B) lived C) recovered D) survived

12. If you want a cheap air ticket you must ________well in advance.

A) book B) buy C) engage D) reserve

13. The _______from Kyiv to New York takes eight hours.

A) flying B) journey C) passage D) voyage

14. Our _________was delayed owing to bad weather conditions.

A) airline B) airway C) flight D) runway

1. How many airports are there in the world today?


What are commercial service airports?

3. What are charter planes?

4. The largest building at an airport is the ……..

5. What is on the label that the airline assistant puts around your baggage? Why?

6. How can you spend your time at an airport before you get on board?

7. What must you pass through before you go to your gate? What is done

8. there?

9. Where do you get your baggage when you arrive on a plane?

10. How long must runways be for big passenger jets?

11. Why are they built of special material?

12. How can pilots see where they have to land at night?

13. What do air controllers do and what instruments do they have?

14. What happens in a hangar?

15. Who owns most airports?

16. How do airports get money?