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Иностранные языки Choose the correct preposition in brackets according to the contents of the sentences (toward, against, by, of, upon, on).
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Complete the sentences with the words of the active vocabulary.

Substitute the words in italics with the words from the active vocabulary.


Give the definitions for the following terms and expressions or explain in other words.


1. to maintain rights

2. international concern

3. to be binding upon all parties involved

4. minority

5. declaration

6. slave trade

2. Answer the following questions using the information from the text:

1.What was the final treaty concerning complete abolition of slavery?

2. How were the rights of victims of war defended in the19th century?

3. What obligations were accepted by some countries towards minorities?

4. How did the International Labour Organization took part in the protection of human rights?

5. What kinds of crimes did the International Military Tribunal try?

6. When was the Universal Declaration of Human Rights approved?

3. Complete the following sentences according to the information from the text:

1.The Treaty of Westphalia (1648) first established…

2. In the 19th century, an object of international concern was…

3. The captured wounded must be…

4. After World War I, a number of states were made to accept the obligations…

5. The International Military Tribunal had jurisdiction to try…

6. The decisions of the European Court of Human Rights are…

1. The victorious countries are responsible for protection of rights of those people who suffered from war.

2. Nobody has a right to wound self-respect of any person.

3. The countries which are members of the European Union accepted the treaty.

4. Total prohibition of selling people as cheap workers is very important for protection of human rights.

5. The world attention toward the problem of human rights protection is great.

6. All people in the world must have the same rights.

7. This world agreement truly supports the rights of minorities.

1. In order to maintain human rights several … were concluded.

2. The of discrimination in employment is the aim of labour organizations.

3. … means working against will.

4. The International Slavery Convention declares of slavery in all forms.

5. .. is the essence of work of humanitarian organizations throughout the world.

6. … was established to try the crimes of German major war criminals.

1. Human rights are sometimes maintained … international action.

2. The conclusion of treaties … the protection of the rights began.

3.These states mustaccept the obligations … their racial, linguistic, and religious minorities.

4. People should learn to respect the rights and dignity … others.

5. The decisions of the European Court of Human Rights are final and binding … all parties involved.

6. He is accused of crimes committed … civilian population.