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Иностранные языки Choose the right preposition in brackets according to the contents of the sentences (with, up, of, at, in).
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Find synonyms in the following group of words. Try to explain the difference in their meaning, give your own examples.



1. A. Give the definitions for the following terms and expressions or explain in other words:

8. oath of allegiance

9. record notary office

10. will

11. power of attorney

12. succession

B. Answer the following questions using the information from the text:

1. What is the origin of the word “notarius”?

2. What are the main functions of a civil law notary?

3. What are the main tasks of the Notary Service Board of Ukraine?

4. Who can perform notarial acts in Ukraine?

5. Is there any difference between public and private notaries?

6. What activity is not allowed to a notary?

7. What notarial acts is a public notary authorized to perform?

8. What documents does a notary verify?

9. What facts does a notary certify?

10. Would you like to become a notary? Give your own reasons.

2. Complete the following sentences according to the information from the text:

1. The role of a civil law notary is …

2. The civil law notary has authority to …

3. The Notariate in Ukraine is the system …

4. Notarial acts are performed by …

5. Notaries of Ukraine are …

6. Public notaries are empowered to …

7. The documents prepared by a notary are …

3. Scan the text to find legal terms which correspond to the following explanations:

1) an official act of a notary;

2) a written legal declaration of the manner in which smb. would have his/her property disposed of after his/her death;

3) a contract involving the sale of goods or a similar contract of transfer;

4) a voluntary transfer or grant of property;

5) a written document that is signed, sealed and delivered.

Will, to verify, deed, to empower, to exercise, to certify, to use, transaction, testament, court, to perform, to employ, to authorize, trial, to attest, contract, document, agreement, to authenticate.

2. In each of the following sets of four, one word or expression is the odd one out: different from the others. Find the word that is different, explain your choice.

1. judge – prosecutor – notary – defence lawyer;

2. attest – verify – supervise – certify;

3. state notary’s office – record office – diplomatic representative office – prosecutor’s office;

4. conveyance of property – hereditary right – purchase-and-sale – civil offence;

5. fingerprint – signature – seal – stamp;

6. power of attorney – transaction – indictment – marriage contract;

7. deed – activity – document – certificate.

1. The notaries and other public officials who perform notarial acts ensure that the certified deed is exercised … strict conformity … the law.

2. Power … attorney should be notarially certified.

3. Notariate is the system of notary bodies that perform notarial acts directed … certifying indisputable rights and facts.

4.The documents drawn … by a notary are considered to be authentic.