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Иностранные языки Enjoy the jokes. Pay attention to the play on words.
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Which of these words are international and which are false friends?


Рис. 6

В данном случае (рис.6) мы имеем дело с так называемыми “ложными друзьями переводчика”, ᴛ.ᴇ. словами, имеющими похожую графическую и звуковую формы, но различные значения в различных языках, к примеру, “fabric” означает не “фабрика”, а “ткань”, “prospect” означает не “проспект”, а “перспектива” (см. Приложение 4).

Engineer, student, complexion, legend, pioneer, prospect, massive, director, manifest, president, ambulatory, magazine, fact, lecture, nomenclature, logic.

3.5. Translate the sentences, paying attention to the italicised words:

1. They neededa pilot to take their ship into the harbour. 2. He entered an air Force school to become a pilot. 3. All the pills are kept in themedicine cabinet.4. With the help of a newprogramme scientists would ,be able to foretell the weather fordecades. 5. You should give yourarguments for the programme. 6. Let's use anotherconductor in the device. 7. She liked potatoes baked in theirjackets. 8. Thejury found the prisoner not guilty. 9. The surgeon extractedthe lens of his left eye to replace it with an artificial one. 10. There was not muchharmony in international affairs during these years. 11. He needed aninstrument to extract thestopper.

Unit 4


T e a c h e r: Jerry, give me the formula for water.

J e r r y: H, J, K, L, M, N, O.

T e a c h e r: What kind of a crazy answer is that?

J e r r y: You told us water was H to O.


“I wish”, said Mother to her lazy son, “you paid a little attention to your arithmetic”.

“Well, I do”, was the reply. “I pay as little attention to it as possible”


Client arriving at Runnymede to be told that this was where the Magna Carta was signed:

“Really – when was that?”

The answer was: “Twelve fifteen”.

Looking at the watch the client said:

“Oh, darn it, we’ve missed it by 20 minutes”.


One day a very worried-looking man knocked at Mrs. Brown’s door.

“I’m terribly sorry”, he said. “I’ve run over your cat. I’d like to replace it”.

“All right”, said Mrs. Brown doubtfully. “But can you catch mice?”


D i c k: My father makes faces all day.

B i l l: Why does he do that?

D i c k: Because he works at the clock factory.