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Иностранные языки My speciality
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Прочитайте и переведите текст.



1. Прочитайте и запомните следующие слова и словосочетания:

automation ["LtO'meISqn] автоматизация
properly ['prOpqlI] должным образом, правильно
substantially [sqb'stxnSqlI] по существу, в значительной степени
contribute [kqn'trIbjHt] сделать вклад
efficiency [I'fISqnsI] производительность
device [dI'vaIs] прибор, механизм
replace [rI'pleIs] заменять, замещать
human ['hjHmqn] человеческий, человек
mechanical [mI'kxnIkql] механический
mechanization ["mekqnaI'zeISqn] механизация
machine [mq'SI:n] машина, станок
sphere [sfIq] сфера, поле деятельности
exceed [Ik'sI:d] превышать, превосходить
chemical ['kemIkql] химический
require [rI'kwaIq] требовать
turbine ['tq:bIn] турбина
consumer [kqn'sjHmq] потребитель
technique [tek'nI:k] прием, способ
equipment [I'kwIpmqnt] оборудование
cultured ['kAlCqd] культурный, развитой

I am a student of the Bratsk State University. I am specializing in automation of technological and production processes.

Automation plays an important part in the great advances in technology. Automation, properly coordinated with other phases of technology, can substantially contribute to production efficiency.

Man has always been interested in devices and machines that would do things for him. Automation replaces human by mechanical power, it continues a process of mechanization which began before the industrial revolution two centuries ago. The first machines were semi-automatic, they performed automatically, but the unskilled work of loading and unloading and the skilled work of maintaining the machines had to be performed by a human operator. Since then technical development has been gradual and continuous; what is being done in this sphere at present greatly exceeds what has been done in the past.

At present we have many almost fully automatic enterprises: power stations with remote control, chemical plants where men have only to keep watch over automatic units. Take, for example, the Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station, one of the biggest in the world, which is controlled by only two men. Some hydroelectric power plants have such level of mechanization that don’t require the instant presence of man at all. Instruments automatically start and stop the turbines, send the power to the consumer, regulate the water input.

There are several automatic systems at present which use different techniques. But in each case mechanisms perform the process of production and the human operator has only to control the operation of process. In some kinds of work automatic machinery is more accurate and reliable than human workers. The worker in the plant with modern automatic equipment regulates the production process and controls the “thinking” machines. But the operation of these machines, the latest modern equipment and automatic regulators requires highly skilled, cultured people with good knowledge of technology.

Automation of all industrial processes is of great importance at today’s stage of the engineering development.

3. Повторите за диктором следующие интерна-циональные слова:

Advance, technology, production, specialize, process, station, regulate.

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