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просмотров - 317

1. The monosemantic/referential meaning of the source lan­guage units and principles of their faithful translation.

2. Give examples of hierarchically higher language units which are translated in the target language with the help of language units of lower language level.

3. Enumerate all possible ways of expressing the meaning of the source language compounds in the target language.

4. Point out the possible difference between the ways of trans­lating sense units at language level (out of context) and their transla­tion at speech level (when used in a contextual environment).

5. Identify the role of the source language context in the se­mantic discrimination and faithful translation of sense units missing or having no corresponding lexical equivalents in the English, Ukrai­nian or bilingual dictionaries.

6. Enumerate all known to you and possible ways of conveying the evaluative and expressive meanings of the source language words/ sense units in the target language.

7. Name the obligatory steps, which have to be observed before starting a written or oral translation/interpretation of a source language passage/work.

8. Prove the necessity of linguistic/semantic, historical, cul­tural, etc. inquiries/investigations of the passage/work prior to or in the process of its rendering into the target language.

9. Argue for or against the need for making a list of synony­mous contextual equivalents/substitutions or difficult/interesting syn­tactic constructions of the target language in the process of translat­ing the source language passage/work.

10. List and explain the requirements, which are necessary for a faithful expression/translation of stylistically marked elements of the source language passage/work to achieve a high quality translation.

11. Identify the most common features of the belles-lettres or publicistic/newspaper style texts and name the ways of their faithful expression/rendering in the target language.

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