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Иностранные языки Create, created, creating, creation, creativity
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Connect, connected, connecting, connector, connectivity, connection

Explain, explained, explaining, explanation, explanatory

Apply, applying, application, applicant, applicable

Consider, considered, consideration, considerable, considerably

Compute, computing, computation, computerize, computerization

Identify, identifying, identifiable, identity

Technology, technological, technologically, technologist

Electron, electronic, electronics, electronically

a. An ________ pen is one example of an input device.

b. A computer solves problems _______ .

c. Many _________ students go on to work as engineers.

a. The computer is the greatest ________ invention of the twentieth century.

b. There are two ______ involved in a clipboard PC.

c. Today’s computers are ______ far superior to those used a few years ago.

a. The clipboard’s pattern recognition software immediately _____ the letters and numbers written by the stylus.

b. Most computer companies will not allow people without an ______ card to enter their premises.

c. A password is a mechanism for ______ the computer-user and allowing access.

a. The ________ of the manufacturing division will be expensive in the short term, but cost-effective in the long term.

b. We should be able to _______ our profit for next year fairly accurately with the new program.

c. I could tell from all the _____ on the board that a maths lesson was in progress.

a. We’ll have to ______ using another company if they can’t provide the software we need.

b. The company has invested a _____ sum of money in ergonomic workstations.

c. The CEO has submitted this proposal for your ______ .

d. This computer is ______ faster than the old one.

a. We have interviewed five _____ for the new position.

b. The last part of the form is not _____ to foreign students.

c. My student is thinking of _____ for a government grant to continue his research.

d. The new book uses business ______ to teach computer studies.

a. The package includes an _____ booklet.

b. The instructions are very clear and do not require any further _____ .

c. It will only take a couple of minutes to _____ how the program works.

d. If you are new to this system, almost everything will have to be _____ .

8. depend, depending, dependent, dependence, dependable, dependably

a. The company has supplied us _____ for over ten years.

b. We have to reduce our _____ on imported goods.

c. This is very _____ equipment, we have never had a serious breakdown.

d. Today, many companies ______ more on FAXes than on mail.

a. _____ is an important concept in global communication.

b. He only got that contract because he has _____ in the government.

c. Make sure the _____ is not loose before you call a service technician.

d. Once the new telephone lines are _____ , our system should be more efficient.

a. The ______ of this database will give us a huge advantage over our competitors in the long run.

b. The procedure for ______ a new file is very simple.

c. The new position we are advertising is going to require someone with enormous ______ .