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Иностранные языки IX. Put the sentences into Indirect Speech.
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VIII. Translate the sentences from Russian into English.

VII. Put the sentences of the previous exercise into Passive Voice, where possible. Underline the verbs. Do it as in the model.

V. Answer the questions on the text.

IV. Match the phrases on the left with those on the right.

III. Agree or disagree with the following statements.

1. If President vetoes a bill, it can not become a law.

2. In cases of disagreement, both houses confer together.

3. President is assisted in Administration by the Senate.

4. A proposed legislation is first introduced into the Senate.

5. The Cabinet members are heads of different departments.

1. to pass a. to initiate a new legislation
2. to introduce a bill b. to delay a bill
3. to elect c. to help
4. to shelve a bill d. to approve
5. to assist e. to vote

1. Who is the head of the executive power in the US?

2. How is the President election held?

3. Who assists President in Administration?

4. Are Cabinet members elected or appointed?

5. Whom are they subordinated to?

6. How can a bill become a law, if President vetoes it?

7. Who has the right to vote for the Representatives of the states?

VI. Whom do these functions belong to? Describe the functions using the Present Simple Tense in Active Voice. Do it as in the model.

Model: President is the head of the state and the Government.

1. President a. to initiate a new legislation
2. Cabinet secretaries b. to amend a bill
3. the House of Representatives c. to be the head of the state and the Government
4.a congressman d. to be directly responsible to President
5.the Standing committees e. to consist of 435 members
  f. to appoint diplomats
  g. to be heads of different departments
  h. to appoint federal judges
  i. to be elected for a term of five years
  k. to appoint Cabinet members

Model: President appoints diplomats – Diplomats are appointed by President.

1. Конгрессмен представил законопроект в палату представителœей на прошлой неделœе.

2. Президентские выборы были проведены два года назад.

3. Сенат не рассматривал законопроект в прошлом месяце.

4. Поправки были внесены в законопроект неделю назад.

5. Новый законопроект прошел слушания в комитете и будет рассмотрен палатой представителœей завтра.

6. Слушания по законопроекту были организованы нашим комитетом, мы также внесли в законопроект несколько поправок.

7. Президент является верховным главнокомандующим Соединœенных Штатов.

1. The Speaker said: “The Bill will be considered by the House of Representatives next week”.

2. President told the journalists: “The new law will be carried out by the local authorities under the constant control of the Cabinet”.

3. The President of the Senate assured the Speaker: “We are going to approve the Bill as soon as possible”.

4. The Washington Post says: “The debating procedures in the both Houses were very long, but the Bill has finally been approved”.

5. “The Bill was signed by the President last week”, the Secretary said.

X. How does a Bill become a Law in the USA? Describe all steps of the law-making procedure using the verbs and expressions given below in Passive Voice. Do it as in the model.

Model: A new legislation is initiated by a congressman.

to initiate

to introduce

to examine

to сonsider

to amend

to approve

to sign

to carry out