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просмотров - 876


Isaac Newton— Исаак Ньютон Galileo— Галилео

Descartes— Декарт Рене, французский ученый, 1596-1650

calculus— исчисление

to put smth. to test— подвергнуть что-либо испы­танию, проверить

reflect— отражать

Binomial Theorem— бином Ньютона

the differential and integral calculus— дифферен­циальное и интегральное исчисление

universe square law— закон равенства действия и противодействия

in accordance with— в соответствии с «Elements of Natural Philosophy»— «Математичес­кие начала натуральной философии»

the law of gravitation— закон тяготения Questions

1. Was Isaac Newton a bright child?

2. When did Newton begin to study theory of gravitation?

3. What did Newton find about white light?

4. How did Newton demonstrate his discovery?

5. What did Newton's law of universe square join?

6. Where was he buried?

Every country has its own holidays. They reflect the history of the country and its cultural and religious tra­ditions. Some religious holidays are common in differ­ent countries. They are Christmas and Easter.

Americans celebrate Christmas on the 25th of Decem­ber. They buy a lot of presents for each other, for their parents, children and friends.

The New Year's day, the 1st of January is not so wide­ly celebrated in the United States as we do it in Russia. Of course, the most important holiday in America is the 4th of July, The Independence Day. People like to watch colourful fireworks in the evening. The 4th of July lis the day-off and people don't go to work.

The holidays when people don't go to work are: Mar-rcin Luther King's day on the 20th of January, Labour Day Jonthe 7th of September and Thanksgiving on the last Fri-Pday of November. On Thanksgiving Americans usually leat turkey. This holiday reminds the time when the first icolonists (pilgrims) from England came to America in 11620 and could survive in the unknown land. There is с still a big white stone on the shore in Plymouth in Mas-* sachusetts, that the pilgrims landed on. It is called «The Plymouth Rock».

The 31st of October is the children's most favourite ... holiday — Halloween. On this day children, dressed in

funny dresses visit their neighbours and say «Trick or treat!» and get sweets.

The rest of the holidays are usually on weekends. They are: the Flag's Day, Mother's Day, Armed Forces Day. Americans also celebrate Lincoln's birthday, Washing­ton's birthday, President's Day in February.

The 14th of February is Valentine's day or as it is called «All lovers day».


to reflect— отражать

Christmas— Рождество

Easter — Пасха

widely celebrated— широко празднуется

day-off— выходной

fireworks— фейерверк

turkey— индейка

to remind— напоминать

to survive— выживать


1) What do the holidays reflect?

2) When do Americans celebrate Christmas?

3) Is 1st of January widely celebrated?

4) What is the most important holiday in USA?

5) What are the holidays when people stay off work?

6) What is and where is Plymouth Rock?

7) What's children most favourite holiday?