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Иностранные языки VIII. Put the sentences into Indirect Speech.
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VII. Complete the sentence correctly.

VI. Translate from Russian into English.

V. Match the words and phrases on the left with those on the right.

IV. Answer the questions on the text.

III. Agree or disagree with the following statements.

1. The district administrations are responsible for education on the local level.

2. There are 25 administrative districts in Chuvashia.

3. The members of the Chuvash Parliament do not belong to any parties.

4. The Government consists of Ministers.

5. The main executive person in Chuvashia is President.

1. Where is Chuvashia situated?

2. How is the Chuvash Parliament called?

3. Who appoints the ministers?

4. Is the President of Chuvashia elected or appointed?

5. How do people become members of the Chuvash Parliament?

6. How often is the general election held?

7. What does our national flag depict?

1. to execute a. to initiate new legislation
2. to introduce a bill b. law-making
3. to be subordinated to c. to help
4. legislative d. to carry out
5. to assist e. to be responsible to

1. Республика Чувашия является субъектом Российской Федерации.

2. Основные направления внутренней политики формируются президентом.

3. В Чувашии много демократических партий и движений.

4. Следующий президент Чувашии будет назначен Президентом Российской Федерации.

5. Члены Государственного Совета избираются на выборах, которые проводятся каждые пять лет.

1. The first President of Chuvashia was …

a) appointed by the President of Russia.

b) democratically elected.

c) elected by the State Board of Chuvashia.

d) became President automatically, as the leader of the strongest party.

2. The present political situation is characterized as …

a) unstable.

b) absolutely stable.

c) stable.

d) dangerous.

3. The legislative body of the Chuvash Republic is …

a) the State Board.

b) President’s Administration.

c) district administrations.

d) the Government.

4. The Head of the Government is subordinated to…

a) the State Board

b) President’s Administration.

c) President.

d) the Government

1. The Chairman said: “The Bill will be considered by the State Board next week”.

2. President told the journalists: “The new law will be carried out by the local authriftiest under the constant control of the Government”.

3. The State Board assured the Government: “We are going to approve the Bill as soon as possible”.

4. The Chairman says: “The debating procedures in the State Board were very long, but the Bill has finally been approved”.

5. “The Bill was signed by President last week”, the Secretary said.

IX. Whom do these functions belong to? Describe the functions using the Present Simple Tense in Active Voice. Do it as in the model.

Model: President is the head of the Republic.

1. President a. to initiate a new legislation
2. The Government b. to amend a bill
3. The State Board c. to be the head of the Republic
4. Ministers d. to be directly responsible to President
5. Local authorities e. to be heads of different departments
  f. to be elected for a term of four years
  g. to appoint ministers
  h. to carry out the laws

X. How does a Bill become a Law? Describe all steps of the law-making procedure, using the verbs and expressions, given below in Passive Voice. Do it as in the model.

Model: A new legislation is initiated by a committee.

to initiate

to introduce

to examine

to сonsider

to amend

to approve

to sign

to carry out