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Иностранные языки XVI. Turn the following sentences into indirect speech.
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XV. Turn the following sentences into indirect speech.

XIV. Turn the sentences into indirect speech.

  1. He says stiffly, "Don't read this awful book".
  2. He said, "I saw her yesterday".
  3. He said, "I've been waiting for you half an hour".
  4. He asks, "Can you do this work for tomorrow?"
  5. He says to me, "Close the door".
  6. He says, "Do it at once!"
  7. He asks me, "Do you know Mr. Smith?"
  8. He asks me, "Why don't you play tennis?"
  9. "How old were you when this portrait was painted?" I asked.
  10. He said, "I've been writing dictations since the fifth form".
  11. He said, "I will write a dictation tomorrow".
  12. He said, "I will have written a dictation by two o'clock tomorrow".
  13. The teacher said, "You will write a dictation well if you learn all the words".
  14. He said, "I will have been writing a dictation for two hours by the time you come to my class".
  15. He says, "I have received your letter".
  16. He said, "My mother works here".
  17. "The apples on this tree are all red", he says.

1. Ann asked her friend, "Please help me to translate the text."

2. The teacher said to her students, "Don't speak Russian at your English les sons.'"

3. The mother said to the children, "Come back from the country before 6 o'clock.

4. Pete said to me, "Come and see me on Sunday."

5. The mother said to the children, "Don't sunbathe in the afternoon."

6. They asked Nick. "Please book tickets for all of us."

7. The director said to Mr. Sokolov. "Don't telephone the factory today."

8. Mr. Tennisson asked the secretary, "Please put me through to Mr. Barton."

9. They said to us, "Please, ship the goods before the 1st of December."

10. The President said, "Clear up all these points with Mr. Gray."

11. Mr. Malov said, "Don't make an appointment for Wednesday."

1. "I've bought tickets for a Saturday performance," I said.

2. "We had a good walk in the country yesterday," my sister said to me.

3. " Mr Nikolaev is going to fly abroad next week," they said.

4. "Every passenger goes through the Customs when he comes from abroad," said the Customs official.

5. "At what time will the plane land?" asked the passenger.

6. "Shall we take a taxi to get home?" my friend asked me.

7. "At what institute did your sister study?" my friends asked me.

8. "Who gave you instructions to get the materials ready?" asked the director.

9. "I must go through the mail now," I said.

10." I'm glad to do business with your firm." Mr. Smith said to us. 11. "There are a few tickets for this performance at the booking-office," I said.