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Химия Answer the questions
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material – речовина property – властивість undergo –підлягати composition– склад condition – умова accompany –супроводжувати fundamental – фундаментальний important– важливий relationship – відношення   external- зовнішній equal – рівний among – серед origin – походження manufacture– виробництво century– століття sufficient– достатній create– створювати liquid – рідина  

1. What do you know about chemistry?

2. What does chemistry study?

3. What does chemistry deal with?

4. Why is chemistry one of the fundamental sciences?

5. When did sufficient facts about chemistry appear?

6. When did modern chemistry begin?

7. Who was the first to study quantitatively the relationship between the volume of a gas and external pressure upon it?

8. What did Lavoisier introduce?

9. Who discovered regularities in the properties of the elements?

2. Find the pairs of antonyms and remember them:

internal, to appear, natural, old, to disappear, artificial, new, external.

3. Find the pairs of synonyms:

to deal with, to change, to start, field, to be concerned with, branch, to begin.

4. Give the Past Simple of the verbs:

to learn, to deal with, to accompany, to create, to study, to change, to undergo, to place, to take, to begin, to contain, to make, to go, to be.

5. Translate the sentences paying attention to the different meanings of the word «matter»:

1. Mass is the quantity of matter in a special specimen. 2. Chemistry is a branch of science which deals with different substances or varieties of matter. 3. It is a matter of common observation that matter exists in three states. 4. Though this substance is of organic origin it is still a matter of some doubt whether it is of animal or vegetable origin. 5. No matter what results we get we shall continue our work. 6. Changes in matter can’t be without changes in energy. 7. Matter is that which makes up the universe, matter is the reality. 8. It is known that mass is a quantity of matter in sea water slowly increases. 9. Sea water contains approximately 3.6% of mineral matter in solution. 10. The forms of motion of matter are diverse.

6. Translate the words in the brackets into English:

1. Chemistry is the science which (розглядає) with materials and their properties. 2. We think that the exhibition of our achievements (відбудеться) at the end of September. 3. This scientist (зробив значний внесок) both in the chemistry, and physics. 4. All his life he worked in the field of chemistry, and we can say that he (присвятив) his life to science. 5. All the changes which (супроводжували) this reaction plays a very important role. 6. Later Lavoisier (увів) the concept of the chemical elements. 7. Though these two teams work under (однакові) conditions the results of their work are different. 8. This article (стосується) the development of our industry.

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