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География Answer the following questions
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Complete the following sentences

Translate these sentences into English

Reproduce the dialogue. Use the words and word combinations in brackets instead of given ones

Look through the text and find English equivalents for the following word combinations

-готовить специалистов

-выполнять курсовые работы

-курс обучения

-различные регионы мира

-принимать активное участие

-будущая специальность

-учебный предмет



-географические информационные системы

-поверхность земли

-последние достижения в науке и технике

-Where do you study?

-I study at Odessa University.

(Oxford University; a medical school; an art school; the Timiryazev Academy; Orenburg State University).

- How many faculties are there in your University?

-There are 15 faculties and 1 Institute in our University. Among them the Department of Civil Engineering, the Department of Food Production and others.

(the Department of Power Engineering; Transport Department; the Department of Natural Sciences; the Department of Economy and Management).

-What subjects are taught in the second year at your faculty?

-We study quite a number of subjects including history and philosophy. (mathematics and physics; languages and literature; geography and ethnography; music and folk dances; chemistry and biology).

1. В прошлом году я был первокурсником.

2. Наш факультет готовит специалистов по разным специальностям.

3. Я должен выполнить курсовую работу к концу семестра.

4. Вчера мы переводили статью о последних научных достижениях за рубежом в области биогеографии.

5. Лучшие выпускники имеют возможность продолжать обучение в аспирантуре.

6. Новая библиотека - это уникальный комплекс, оснащенный современным оборудованием.

7. География - ϶ᴛᴏ комплекс физических, гуманитарных и общественных наук.

8. Умение пользоваться компьютером очень важно для будущего специалиста.

Geography helps us ..…..... . Students of our faculty may choose one of the following specialities: …….... . Students can do laboratory tests and carry out experiments in .……… . We study many interesting subjects: …….... . We can learn about latest scientific and technical achievements abroad if …….... . I am going to become a geographer because .……… .

What university do you study in?

How many faculties and institutes are there in your university?

What faculty do you study at?

When was it founded?

Are you a second-year student?

What specialists does your department prepare?

What subjects is the academic curriculum composed of?

What does the course of study end with?

In what way can the graduates continue their study?

What is your future speciality?

What is geography and what does it deal with?

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