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География Find Russian equivalents to the following word combinations
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Words and word combinations to the text

Lesson 2 Geography

Text for written translation

Geography at St Andrews University (Britain) covers a wide range of subject matter united by its focus on the spatial dimensions of human and physical environments. In the geography course students «visit» many different parts of the world and examine a whole range of natural and social features crucial to an understanding of the landscape and the place. Geography is often a «synthetic discipline» for it occupies a unique position bridging the Arts and the Sciences and bringing together knowledge of the natural and human worlds. It thus provides a rounded view of its subject matter and ensures that Geographers have a broader insight than other specialists into some of the big problems of the world today.

Famines, floods and earthquakes make front-page headlines in the newspapers and all take their toll in terms of human life and misery. Their causes and their effects are both natural and human, often involving complex interaction between the two. The same range of factors must be used when trying to understand the equally serious problems of environment pollution, inequalities in economic development and well- being, global warming and population growth. Geography provides the breadth of knowledge necessary for an awareness of the complexity of these issues.

Geography students at St Andrews also learn a range of useful techniques during their 4-year course. They learn how to interpret aerial and satellite photographs, how to read, design and draw maps (including the creation of computer graphics), and how to conduct and interpret a social survey.

1.11 Make up all possible types of questions to the text 1.10: a) general, b) alternative, c) disjunctive, d) special, e) question to the subject

1.12 Speak on:

1. our university

2. your speciality

3. geography course at St Andrews

distribution - распределœение

to investigate - исследовать

to analyse - анализировать

approach - подход

phenomenon (pl. phenomena) – феномен, явление

particular - конкретный

association - сообщность

distinctive - отличительный

similar – схожий

geomorphology – геоморфология

climatology – климатология

oceanology – океанология

to treat - рассматривать

movement - движение

manufacturing - производство

commercial - торговый

to emphasize – подчеркивать

sovereignty - суверенитет

to subdivide - подразделять

on the basis природные условия
agricultural characteristics такие как
similar factors на поверхности земли
natural conditions наука о Земле
on the face of the earth специальный раздел
a specialized field a study of the earth на основе сельскохозяйственные характеристики
such as схожие факторы