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География My speciality
просмотров - 1019

Read and translate the text

Read and translate these words and word combinations

Words and word combinations to the text

Lesson 1 My speciality

higher educational establishment – высшее учебное заведение

to be a first (-second,-third) year student – быть первокурсником

specialist – специалист

speciality – специальность

a course of study – курс обучения

computer processing of information – информатика

scientific – научный

achievements – достижения

at our disposal – в нашем распоряжении

well-equipped – хорошо оборудованный

modern facilities – современное оборудование

course paper – курсовая работа

graduation thesis – дипломная работа

to graduate from the university – заканчивать университет

post-graduate course – аспирантура

environment – окружающая среда

surface of the earth – поверхность земли

spatial – пространственный

activity – деятельность

landscape – ландшафт

to interact – взаимодействовать

unique – уникальны

to manage – управлять

resources – ресурсы

valuable – ценный

skill – умение, навык

cartography – картография

analysis(pl. analyses) – анализ

data – данные, факты, сведения

the humanities – гуманитарные науки

to avoid – избегать

to improve – улучшать

surroundings – среда, окружение

complexity – сложность

-establishment, educational establishment, higher educational establishment;

- science; physical science, social science, natural science, the Faculty of Natural Sciences;


-geography, geology, geodesy;

-biology, biogeography;

-processing, computer processing of information;

-language, foreign languages;

-well-equipped, well-equipped laboratory, it will be equipped;

-surface, the surface of the earth;

-environment, environmental process;

-subject, university subject;

1.3 Give the principal forms of the following verbs and translate them

to organize to keep to teach

to compose to study to use

to master to continue to develop

to learn to include to introduce

to begin to provide to understand

Moscow City Pedagogical University is one of the largest higher educational establishment in our city. Our University was organized in 1998. There are 6 Institutes in the University. I am a second-year student of the Institute of Natural Sciences. It prepares specialists on geography, biology, chemistry and life safety. A course

of study lasts five years. The academic program is composed of such subjects as history, philosophy, information technology, chemistry, topography, foreign languages and others. Mastering one of the foreign languages enables us to read foreign literature and learn about the latest scientific and technical achievements abroad.

At our disposal we have lecture halls, well-equipped laboratories, a new computer center. A library is equipped with modern facilities, and it keeps 500 000 volumes.

While studying at the University students are to fulfil course papers and a diploma paper (graduation thesis) which is submitted at the end of the fifth year. Students take an active part in research expeditions. After graduating from the University students can continue their studies at the post-graduate course. The graduates of our institute can work as teachers, engineers, research workers, inspectors, managers.

My future speciality is geography. Geography studies the varying character of economic, social and cultural life, of the environment and of the surface of the earth. Geography includes studies of the spatial organization of human activities, the environmental processes that shape the world’s landscapes and the ways in which environment and society interact. It provides unique insights into the character of our world and its problems, examines how to manage the earth’s resources and fragile environment. It teaches valuable skills, including the use of computers, cartography and geographical information systems, as well as the collection, analysis and presentation of data.

Geography as a university subject (discipline) is an exciting blend of the physical sciences, environmental studies, the humanities and the social sciences. Understanding and research help us to avoid potential problems or to improve our surroundings.

Geography introduces students to the characteristics, peoples, economics, cultures and problems of many different regions of the world. The best reason for choosing geography is the desire to understand the world around us in all its complexity!

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