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Complete the following sentences

Fill in the blanks with the suitable words from the text

Say whether the following statements are true or false

1. The earth is unusual among the planets of the Solar System because water can exist in all three states: liquid, solid and gas.

2. Some planets of the Solar System have oceans.

3. The world ocean covers more than 98 per cent of the earth’s surface.

4. The deepest parts of the ocean are found far from the land.

5. Sea water is a solution of various substances; the most abundant of them is calcium.

6. Most of the oxygen and carbon dioxide content in the ocean water is derived from the atmosphere.

7. Many various elements, including metals, are contained in the oceans.

1. The oceans are a giant ………. for elements.

2. All four oceans comprise one ………. of salt water.

3. ………. of the world ocean is 140 million square miles.

4. ………. is the deepest part of the ocean.

5. ……. have been found by the hundreds in the deep sea, rising as ………. from many parts of the ocean floor.

6. 800,000 cubic miles of water are ………. each year to fall again as ………. .

7. Sea-water can be considered ………. of the metals to be needed in the future.

1. Speaking about the oceans of the earth one should say “ocean” because…….… .

2. The ocean is the source of the earth’s fresh water supply for…….… .

3. Even today, astronomers know more about the surface of the moon than geologists ………. .

4. The world ocean has been gradually altered by the addition of ………. .

5. The oceans contain various elements, among them …….… .

6. Sea-water can be considered a potential source of the metals to be needed in the future because …….... .

7. In addition to salts, sea-water contains …….… .

1. Вода на нашей планете существует в жидком, твердом и газообразном состоянии.

2. Ежегодно 80 000 кубических миль воды испаряется и затем выпадает в виде дождя.

3. Первые формы жизни появились в океане.

4. Некоторые вулканы очень высокие. Οʜᴎ выступают над поверхностью моря.

5. Большинство элементов химического состава морской воды поступает из атмосферы, а некоторые вырабатываются живыми морскими организмами.

6. Важным источником йода являются водоросли.

A: I’ve read a very interesting book about the oceans and the ocean floor.

B: What facts were the most interesting?

A: The greatest geographical discovery made in modern times was that of the mid-oceanic ridge, a great mountain range, some 40,000 miles long, winding its way through every ocean of the world.

B: Why is this discovery considered to be of great importance?

A: We now know that it has a number of branches and that a fracture zone is to be found at the centre of the entire ridge. Most of the earthquakes that take place under the sea are centred along this zone.