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География Read and translate the texts, reproduce them in the form of a dialogue
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Complete the following sentences

Say whether the following statements are true or false

1. Europe is smaller in size than Australia.

2. The Atlantic Ocean washes the western coast of European continent.

3. The continent’s southern boundary runs along the Ural Mountains.

4. Europe can be divided into several distinct physiographic regions.

5. The Sierra Nevada and Pyrenees mountains are situated in the west of the continent.

6. Rivers of the first group drain into the Black and Caspian seas.

7. Maritime climate means moderate rainfall, mild and wet winters, hot and dry summers.

8. Siroccos bring hot, dry, and dusty air from North Africa’s deserts.

1. Europe is composed of ………. and occupies ………. of the world’s total area.

2. It’s major peninsulas include ………. .

3. The continent’s eastern boundary runs along ………. .

4. Europe can be divided into two major parts - ………. .

5. The varied landscape of the continent includes ………. .

6. Lake Ladoga is of ………. origin.

7. Stretching from ………. to ………., Europe exhibits a wide range of climates.

8. Strong cold winds are called ………., hot summer winds are called ………. .


The people of Europe constitute about one-seventh of the world’s population. The vast majority of Europe’s inhabitants belong to the European geographic race. Europe is the most densely populated continent, yet it has the lowest rate of natural increase primarily because of low birth rates. In general, Europe's population is highly urbanized, with the degree of urbanization increasing in proportion to the degree of industrialization. Thus the United Kingdom and Germany are among Europe’s most urbanized countries, while Albania and Portugal are among its least urbanized.

Europe’s population is overwhelmingly Christian in religion, with all free major divisions of that faith (Roman Catholic, Protestant, Eastern Orthodoxy). There are some Muslims in southeastern Europe.

Europe has been a major source of emigrants for settlement and economic development of America, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand. Since the early 1800s estimated 60 million persons have emigrated overseas.


Politically fragmented Europe contains countries none of which covers much territory. Despite their small sizes their economics rank among the world’s most productive. All western European nations have democratic forms of government. Many are constitutional monarchies in which the rulers, whose powers are limited, share the powers of government with elected or appointed officials. The monarchies include kingdoms, such as the United Kingdom; principalities, such as Monaco and Liechtenstein and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.