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География Say whether the following statements are true or false
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Find these countries of the North American continent on the map, name their capitals

Антигуа и Барбуда – Antigua and Barbuda – Saint Johns

Багамские острова – Bahamas –

Барбадос – Barbados –

Белиз – Belize –

Бермудские острова – Bermudas –

Гаити – Haiti –

Гватемала – Guatemala –

Гондурас – Honduras –

Гренландия – Greenland (Denmark) –

Доминика – Dominica –

Доминиканская Республика – Dominican Republic –

Канада – Canada –

Коста-Рика – Costa Rica –

Куба – Cuba –

Мексика – Mexico –

Никарагуа – Nicaragua –

Панама – Panama –

Пуэрто-Рико – Puerto Rico

Сальвадор – El Salvador

Сент-Винсент и Гренадины – St Vincent and the Grenadines –

Сент-Китс и Невис – St Kitts and Nevis –

Сент-Люсия – St Lucia –

США – the United States –

Тринидад и Тобаго – Trinidad and Tobago

Ямайка – Jamaica –

1. North America takes the third place among the continents according to the size of the territory.

2. North America lies in the Northern Hemisphere relative to Greenwich.

3. The largest island in the world, Greenland, is situated in the North.

4. American mountain systems were formed at different times since the Pre-Permian epoch.

5. The eastern lowlands are called the prairie.

6. Most of Canada has a polar climate.

7. The Great Salt Lake is situated in the region of the Great Lakes.

8. Vegetation and wild life of North America vary according to the climatic regions.

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