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География Text for written translation
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Answer the following questions

Make up a table distributing the enumerated animals between the different regions of Asia

Fill in the blanks with the suitable words and word combinations from the text

Say whether the following statements are true or false

1. Asia covers over 30 percent of the land area on Earth.

2. Asia is bounded on the east by the Atlantic Ocean.

3. The surface of Asia includes mountains, low plains, tablelands, deserts regions, etc.

4. The Himalayas are situated in the central part of Asia.

5. The Aral Sea is the world’s largest body of inland water.

6. Monsoons occur in South Asia.

7. Vegetation types differ greatly depending on the parts of the continent.

8. The whole territory of Asia is densely populated.

9. Christianity was originated in Europe.

1. Topographically, Asia is ………. system.

2. South Asia is a hot region under the control of ………. .

3. Vast steppers are found in ………. of Asia.

4. ………. are Asia’s major saltwater lakes.

5. All three major races – ………. – make up Asia’s population.

6. ………. occupy about one fifths of the continent.

7. Asia is the birth place of ………. .

8. The continent is situated between ………. 78 0N and 10N and ………. 26 0E and 170 0W.

9. Vegetation types range from the ………. in the north to the ………. in the southeast.

The Arctic coast Taiga forests Central Asian Highlands Southern Asia

Animals: migratory birds, elephant, arctic fox, brown bear, elk, leopard, seal, walrus, marmot, cobra, the Siberian tiger, Arctic hare, lynx, wild yak, crocodile, snow leopard, sable, gibbon, peacock.

What percentage of the world’s land is occupied by Asia?

Where is Asia situated?

Where does the boundary between Asia and Europe run?

How high are the Himalayas from the sea level?

Which rivers flow into the Arctic Ocean? the Indian Ocean?

How is climate range?

What are the monsoons?

Describe the flora and fauna of Asia.

What regions of Asia are the most populated?

Despite large expanses of mountainous, Arctic and desert wastelands, more than 15 percent of Asia’s land area is arable. At least three fourths of this is developed to basic cereal and tuber crops (rise, wheat). About 1 percent of the continent is pasture of rangeland, supporting nearly a third of the world’s cattle. Asia is well endowed with nearly every mineral resources required by modern industrial society: antimony, magnesium, tin, iron, bismuth, titanium, manganese, nickel, two third of the global reserves of both petroleum and natural gas.

Asia is marked by great disparities in wealth between different countries and within those countries. A few parts of the continent, notably Japan, Singapore, and the oil-rich nations of Arabia, have achieved very high standards of living, and such East Asian countries as South Korea and Taiwan are industrializing rapidly. Other parts of Asia, however, such as Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar (Burma) have very low standards of living. Between these two extremes lie Russia and some of the Central Asian nations that once formed part of the USSR. The economies of most Asian countries are not fully industrialized. The economies of most Southwest Asia countries are based largely on traditional agriculture and the production and export of petroleum; the manufacturing sector is limited in large part to traditional artisanship and petrochemical industries. Southwest Asia exports rice and cash crops such as rubber, copra, and kapok; most manufacturing industries centre on processing domestic raw materials and assembling consumer goods.

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