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География Weather Forecast
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Temperature Conversion

Read and memorize the following information

centigrade thermometer [´sentigreid] - термометр Цельсия, термометр со стоградусной шкалой

Celsius [´selsj∋s] – шкала Цельсия

Fahrenheit [‘fær∋nhait] - Фаренгейт

degree - градус

15 0C (Centigrade) – 15 0 по Цельсию

80 0F (Fahrenheit) – 80 0 по Фаренгейту (27 0 по Цельсию)

Officially temperature is measured in degrees Centigrade (0C), but Britain and some other countries also use degrees Fahrenheit (0F).

Figure 1

To convert Fahrenheit to Celsius subtract 32 0, multiply by 5 and divide by 9.

70 0F - 32 0=38 0 * 5=190 0 :9 = 210C

To convert Celsius to Fahrenheit multiply by 9, divide by 5 and add 32 0.

21 0C * 9 = 189 0 :5=38 0 + 32 0= 70 0F

Fulfil these tasks:

1. Convert 80 0 Fahrenheit to Celsius.

2. Convert 17 0 Centigrade to Fahrenheit.

5.9 Read and translate this weather forecast. Make up your own weather forecast using vocabulary given below

London:Sunny intervals and showers; wind NW light or moderate; max. temp. 100C (50 0F).

East Britain:Early mist or fog, mostly cloudy, rain at times; wind N moderate; max. temp. 8 0C (46 0F).

Scotland:Mainly dry with sunny periods but becoming more cloudy later; wind S moderate; max. temp. 7 0C (43 0F).

Outlook for tomorrow and Sunday:All areas have showers or longer period of rain and also some sunny intervals. Temperature will be near normal.

Long Range Forecast:October will be warm everywhere. According to the long weather forecast, the first half of the month will be dry with some morning fog. Temperature will be above average generally.

weather forecast /outlook – прогноз погоды thunderstorm – гроза

Weather Bureau – Бюро погоды storm cloud – грозовая туча

a change in the weather – изменения в погоде hurricane – ураган

5 0 below (zero) – 5 0 ниже нуля hail – град

5 0 above (zero) – 5 0 выше нуля sleet – дождь со снегом

drizzle – мелкий дождь, моросить cyclone – циклон

pouring rain – проливной дождь anticyclone – антициклон

light wind, breeze – легкий ветер

strong wind – сильный ветер

cutting wind – пронизывающий ветер

fair dry warm hot cold mild changeable weather hot warm cold cool sunny rainy bright misty frosty day humid dry continental tropical subtropical equatorial moderate mediterranean climate low high average humidity

5.10 Speak on:

1. The difference between weather and climate

2. The classification of areas according to climate

3. The climate of the British Isles

4. The climate of the Orenburg region

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