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География Инфинитив (The Infinitive)
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Герундий (The Gerund)

Герундий – неличная форма глагола, имеющая грамматические особенности как глагола, так и существительного и выражающая действие как процесс.

Таблица 6 – Формы герундия

Active Passive
Indefinite writing being written
Perfect having written having been written

Функции герундия:

Seeing a good film is а pleasure. (подлежащее)

His favorite occupation is seeing a good film. (часть составного сказуемого)

I like seeing an interesting film. (прямое дополнение)

We thought of seeing a film after supper. (предложное дополнение)

We went home without seeing the film. (обстоятельство)

I’m glad to have the opportunity of seeing this film. (определœение)

Translate into Russian paying attention to the different functions of the Gerund

1. Forecasting weather with great accuracy is no easy matter. 2. Cooling may be caused by radiation, by contact with cold surfaces, by mixing masses of air of different temperatures. 3. The sole object of our expedition was exploring the floor of the Pacific Ocean. 4. The most important thing in contemporary weather analysis is studying the properties of individual, discrete masses of air and the changes resulting when they meet. 5. The students insisted on being sent to the mine. 6. The students were against being helped with their work. 7. Improved methods of observing atmosphere are developed. 8. There are reasons for believing that the floor of the Pacific is composed of basalt. 9. A seismograph is an instrument for recording vibrations of the earth’s crust. 10. Nobody knew of their having returned from the expedition. 11. By analysing satellite cloud photographs, meteorologist may even estimate the maximum wind speed of different storms. 12. On leaving the Strait Florida, the Gulf Stream is several hundred feet deep and about one hundred miles wide. 13. When large ice masses reach the warmer lower altitudes they stop advancing and begin to melt.

Инфинитив – наличная форма глагола, представляющая собой основу глагола, которой обычно предшествует частица to

Функции инфинитива.

To work with computer was new to many of us. (в функции подлежащего)

Our aim is to translate these articles without a dictionary. (в функции именной части сказуемого)

To translate such an article without a dictionary you must know English well. (в функции обстоятельства цели)

I’m glad to have spoken to our teacher about my work. (в функции дополнения)

He was the first to come. (в функции определœения)

Translate into Russian paying attention to the functions of the infinitive.

1. The aim of geography is to study the earth in its relation to man. 2. This group of students want to observe pressure and wind irregularity of the area. 3. Many theories to explain the origin of the continents have been put forth. 4. To explore the North the prospectors used airplanes. 5. The prospectors used airplanes to explore the North. 6. Geology attempts to interpret the earth in the light of knowledge of chemistry, physics, astronomy and other sciences. 7. The Dutch were the first Europeans to visit Australia.

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