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Экология ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization)
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IMF (International Monetary Fund)

World Bank group

WHO (World Health Organization)

UNESCO (UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)

FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN)

ILO (International Labour Organization)

The UN Specialised Agencies

The UN specialized agencies work in such diverse areas as health, agriculture, international aviation and meteorology. Related to the UN through special agreements, the specialized agencies coordinate their work with the UN, but are separate, autonomous organizations.

The UN, its programmes and funds, and the specialized agencies compose the "UN system". As a family of organizations, the UN performs a vast range of duties that affect the lives of all of us in myriad ways. These range from the decision of the Security Council to dispatch a peacekeeping operation in response to a dispute, to setting standards for air safety and communications compatibility; from rushing emergency supplies to victims of natural disaster, to coordinating the response to the AIDS pandemic; from helping countries to carry out free and fair elections, to securing low-interest loans to develop the infrastructures of poorer countries. Ultimately, its work is about making a healthier, more stable world with enhanced opportunities and justice for all of us.

Autonomous organizations joined to the UN through special agreements:

Formulates policies and programmes to improve working conditions and employment opportunities, and sets labour standards used by countries around the world.

Works to improve agricultural productivity and food security, and to better the living standards of rural populations.

Promotes education for all, cultural development, protection of the world's natural and cultural heritage, international cooperation in science, press freedom and communication.

Coordinates programmes aimed at solving health problems and the attainment by all people of the highest possible level of health. It works in areas such as immunization, health education and the provision of essential drugs.

Provides loans and technical assistance to developing countries to reduce poverty and advance sustainable economic growth.

Facilitates international monetary cooperation and financial stability and provides a permanent forum for consultation, advice and assistance on financial issues.

Sets international standards for the safety, security and efficiency of air transport and serves as the coordinator for international cooperation in all areas of civil aviation.